Diversity Action Plan

April 21, 2016
Advancing our commitment to diversity and inclusion requires a team effort. Last week, I completed meetings with F&S second-level supervisory staff to provide progress updates and opportunities for feedback.  In the coming weeks, all employee meetings will be scheduled to continue these discussions.  These sessions are important as we work to understand how embracing each other’s different backgrounds and perspectives helps establish a foundation for innovation and leads to service improvements for our customers.

The Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan is the next step in identifying how we can continue to enhance service delivery by reinforcing our core values. The Diversity and Inclusion Committee developed eight actionable items to form improvements in key areas. These areas include: employee recruitment, promotion practices, training and mentoring, policies/procedures, and employee engagement.

I have previously highlighted some of these items which are already in progress such as the development of a Diversity and Inclusion Committee charter, redefined search committee guidelines, a pilot leadership training program, and inclusive statements for position descriptions and performance evaluations. I want to thank all the hard work from the Diversity and Inclusion Committee for developing this plan as well as the individuals who are now moving actionable items forward. These efforts are gaining momentum across the organization.

We know that there is more work to be done. By creating a workplace that allows everyone to feel welcome and provides equal access to opportunity for success, we will strengthen our role supporting the mission of this great university.

Al Stratman,
Executive Director, Facilities & Serivces