2016 Big Ten & Friends Mechanical & Energy Conference

View conference session presentations (pdf) and download slides (pptx).

Helen Coleman Opening Session (download)
Session 1 Story of No-Cost Energy Savings at Ohio Union (download)
Session 1 Top 10 Energy Strategies for New and Existing Buildings (download)
Session 2 Successful Energy Conservation Projects at University Research Labs (download)
Session 2 Maximize and Minimize in order to Optimize (download)
Session 2 From High Performance Design to High Performance Operation: The Intelligent Building Leap
Lunch Presentation - Mike Larson, Sustainability Working Advisory Team (SWAT) (download)
Session 3 Driving Proactive Facility Operations with Automated HVAC Diagnostics (download)
Session 3 How to Reduce Energy Usage in Your Labs by up to 50% (download)
Session 3 Road Map to Compliance NFPA 70E Arch Flash 2015 (download)
Session 4 Monitoring Based Commissioning Using Automated Fault Detection and Data Analysis (download)
Session 4 ASHRAE 90.1 2013, The IECC, the Standards, the Codes, the Law . . . and then Reality (download)
Session 4 Modeling Utility Infrastructure Systems to Facilitate Maintenance (download)
Session 5 Roundtable: ASHRAE 90.1/Lighting Control Implementation
Session 6 Turning Renewal Needs into Opportunity: UMD Campus Utility Master Plan (download)
Session 6 Case Study: Maximizing Heat Recovery at Stanford University (download)
Session 6 University Fire Protection System Design – Best Practices (download)
Session 7 Roundtable: Energy Conservation
Session 7 Heat Pumps for Energy Recycling in District Systems (download)
Session 7 Mechanical and Energy System Training – A Succession Planning Building Block (download)
Session 8 Reimagining Campus Utilities into a Sustainable Future – Getting the Project Going (download)
Session 8 Behavior Change for Energy Conservation: Principles and Practices to Engage the Campus Community (download)
Session 8 EC Motor Fan Wall Retrofit for 80,000 CFM Lab AHU (download)
Lunch Presentations - Stacey Nurenberg and Todd Wilson, MSU (download)
Session 9 Energy Management: From Extraction to Application – Forging A New Business Model
Session 9 UIC College of Pharmacy High Efficiency Heat Recovery System (download)
Session 9 Troubleshooting Techniques, Problem Solving, and Decision Making (download)
Session 10 Roundtable: Labs and Control Systems (download)
Session 10 University of Illinois Solar Farm: From Concept to Completion (download)
Session 10 Demand Controlled Ventilation for Commercial Kitchens (download)
Session 11 Leveraging Energy Dashboard Data to Accelerate Energy Efficiency and Promote Continuous Energy Management
Session 11 Variable Refrigeration Flow Systems Overview (Download)
Session 11 Roundtable: Deferred Maintenance (download)

Vet Med Tour - 10/12/16 (Website) (Presentation)