Space Inventory/Data

The Space Inventory Center collects, maintains, and analyzes space data for over 23 million square feet of university buildings using Archibus facility management software. Archibus is accessed by approved and trained U of I staff using Archibus’ web interface: Web Central.

This information is reported to a variety of campus and national organizations and is used by F&S planners and facility managers to support remodeling, construction, and space management activities.

Space InventorySpace Inventory Image

  • Floor Plan Drawings
  • Building Data
    • Gross Square Footage (GSF)
    • Net-Assignable Square Footage (NASF)
    • Usage, Ownership & Date Built
  • Room Data
    • Room Numbers
    • Square Footage
    • Allocations & Use

Chad Kupferschmid (Interim Facilities Information Management Specialist),, (217) 244-0407.

Space Inventory Image