Relocation Process

Major capital improvement projects or small construction work, projects either through F&S Construction Services or the Contractor Services or Job Order Contracting programs, will typically necessitate the relocation of departmental/unit faculty and staff spaces and equipment/belongings. 

How-To Relocate
Below is a how-to guide explaining the steps for relocating once a space request form has been submitted and approved along with a departmental/unit responsibilities and relocation process checklist items when moving out.

  • How to Relocate (Small construction projects < $250K)

  • How to Relocate (Capital improvement projects > $250K)

  • General Unit/Departmental Responsibilities



  • The average rate of a move consists of eight standard-size offices a day
  • Relocation costs within the same building vs. a different building should be provided by F&S Public Functions
  • F&S Crafts & Trades, such as Public Functions and Carpenters, need notification well in advance for work to be planned over the summer months during their peak season


Relocation Checklist

  1. The Moving Liaison collects and urns in all the keys to the F&S locksmiths or landlord.
  2. No furniture/equipment/files should be left behind in the space after move-out. The unit is responsible to clear out the space completely.
  3. When vacating a research laboratory, please contact the Division of Research Safety
    *For Leased Space Occupants
  4. When vacating a leased space, the unit is responsible to patch & paint all walls if holes have been drilled to mount overhead bins, whiteboards/TV monitor etc. and carpet (refer to the terms of your lease agreement)


Relocation References