Battery Recycling

Rechargeable Battery Recycling

The Call2Recycle rechargeable battery program recycles Nickel Cadmium, Nickel Metal Hydride, Lithium Ion, Nickel Zinc, and Small Sealed Lead Acid batteries less than 11 lbs which are commonly found in power tools and cellphones. Cell phones can also be recycled through this program.

  1. Visit the Call2Recycle website at and join the free rechargeable battery recycling program.  Call2Recycle will follow up with a return phone call to you. Please provide them with the University of Illinois’s Parent ID #78151.
  2. Call2Recycle will send collection boxes with UPS shipping labels directly to your building. When you first start the program, please notify F&S Waste Management at 244-7283.
  3. When a box is full of individually bagged rechargeable batteries, check to ensure that only acceptable batteries are in the box.
  4. Write down the box’s UPS tracking number and then place the full box at a UPS pickup location. UPS can also pick up the box free of charge at the time of their next scheduled delivery. UPS will ship the full box of batteries to a metal reclamation center for processing.
  5. Call2Recycle will automatically send replacement boxes with UPS shipping labels.

Receptacles to place used batteries are located in:

  • Illini Union, 1401 W. Green, Urbana
  • Building Research Council, 1 E. St. Mary's Rd., Champaign
  • Illinois Sustainable Technology Center, One Hazelwood Dr., Champaign
  • Z Building 1901 S. First St., Suite C, Champaign


If you decide to not recycle your rechargeable batteries, contact the Division of Research Safety at 217-333-2755 to determine if they need to be disposed as hazardous waste.