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Updates to University Facilities Standards

Sep 14, 2023 | 7:33 am

More than 220 areas of the Facilities Standards have been updated and republished

Individuals walking on the Main Quad of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. The Illini Union is shown in the background looking to the north

For all campus units, professional services firms, and contractors in PRZM™ as a part of the university’s capital delivery process

The University Facilities Standards provide design requirements unique to the Urbana campus for general guidelines, divisions of work, exhibits, and drawing details. As a part of this year’s update process, important changes were made to the following general/administrative areas, among other enhancements:

  • Code, Standards, and Regulations were updated, including adopting 2021 and newer codes
  • A searchable Facilities Standards Index was added that features filtering capabilities
  • Miscellaneous formatting adjustments were performed with the header, footer, and removal of any two-column formats.
  • The Variance Process section was modified to improve the form, provide tracking, and upgrade email routing templates
  • Files from this cycle were given a consistent “2023-08” naming convention

In all, more than 220 areas of the standards have been updated and republished. Everyone working on university projects or service work is requested to reference and use only the current Facilities Standards files. Archived information is also provided and may be utilized to help reference work performed during specific periods. For additional highlights of notable changes in various sections, visit

Additionally, a new webpage summarizing the Project Submittal Process includes updated Project Submittal Requirements, FAQs, two new guides (O&M Submittal Guide and Capital Project Submittal Guide), and corresponding overviews.

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