Diversity Action Plan

Strengthening our commitment to diversity and inclusion takes a team effort and the ability to turn energy and ideas into action that will support our goal of promoting a respectful work environment where individuals feel valued and their contribution matters. 

The F&S Diversity and Inclusion Committee’s 2018 Action Plan emphasizes enhancing existing organizational training programs along with promoting new engagement activities.  

The committee identified future opportunities (D&I Calendar) that will strive to maximize staff participation through collaborations and partnerships in the local community:

  • C-U Initiative for Labor Diversity
  • Champaign Unit #4 School District Summer Trades Apprentice Program
  • Education to Careers and Professions
  • Trades Tuesdays
  • Brown Bag Discussions
  • Habitat for Humanity Build

Thanks to the committee members for their hard work to expand F&S diversity and inclusion activities and build on the ways we can make a difference.