Diversity and Inclusion Committee

The F&S Diversity and Inclusion Committee was created in February 2015 as a part of a campus-wide effort to engage all individuals on the Urbana campus in discussion about diversity and inclusivity. The committee created a vision statement and assessed the culture and commitment to diversity and inclusion at F&S through a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis. Based on discussions, SWOT analysis, and data review, the committee developed a Diversity and Inclusion Plan, which includes guiding principles and actionable items.

Committee Members

Clarence Odom, Capital Programs – Chair

Rocio Arroyave-Jamison, Operations, Maintenance & Alterations
Daniel Hiser, Operations, Maintenance & Alterations
Macie Sinn, Operations, Maintenance & Alterations
Kanchan Bulbule, Shared Administrative Services
Brian Clark, Shared Administrative Services
Ayush Gupta, Utilities & Energy Services
Terrylynn Roy, Safety and Compliance
Jim Sims, Engineering & Construction Services

Ex Officio:
Steve Bainbridge, Operations, Maintenance & Alterations (Past Chair)
Eric Smith, Human Resources, Diversity, & Strategy
Melvin Boatner, Employee Relations/Human Resources
Maureen Banks, Safety and Compliance
Rebecca Bigelow, Customer Relations & Communications

  • FY19 Diversity and Inclusion Committee

  • FY18 Diversity and Inclusion Committee

  • FY17 Diversity and Inclusion Committeee

  • FY16 Diversity and Inclusion Committee