F&S employs many hard-working, dedicated and often extraordinary people who demonstrate exemplary service.Some employees distinguish themselves by consistently going above and beyond while making an improvement in a process, enhancing their output so that both their team and the campus benefit, or even by performing a Good Samaritan or humanitarian act while on the job. The F&S “Employee of the Month Award” (EOM) and "Team of the Month" (TOM) is given monthly to employees who have demonstrated one or more of the guiding principles that are essential to our organization, our university and our community. An Employee of the Year is selected annually from among the two categories of monthly winners.


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Pats on the Back

pob_logoWant to recognize an F&S employee for a job well done? Shout out a star team member at fscustomerrelations@illinois.edu, or send them into Customer Relations & Communications in Room 147 of the Physical Plant Services Building. Pats on the Back are distributed to staff weekly. Submissions may be edited for style and length.