F&S employs many hard-working, dedicated and often extraordinary people who demonstrate exemplary service. Some employees distinguish themselves by consistently going above and beyond while making an improvement in a process, enhancing their output so that both their team and the campus benefit, or even by performing a Good Samaritan or humanitarian act while on the job. The F&S “Employee of the Month Award” (EOM) and "Team of the Month" (TOM) is given monthly to employees who have demonstrated one or more of the guiding principles that are essential to our organization, our university and our community. An Employee of the Year is selected annually from among the two categories of monthly winners.

Employee of the Month

EOM October 2021 small

   Dennis Craig (Capital Programs)

Nominated by Brad Klein: Craig "blazed trails into processes that had changed significantly since the last advertisement for professional services retainers." He was also "critical in the development and implementation of the Contracts+ contract management system." The EOM committee added Craig's "work ethic and positive attitude reflect the best of what Facilities & Services can offer."

EOM September 2021 small

   Brett Balsamello and Erik Davis (Ironworkers)

Nominated by Todd Hawkins: "Both employees recently completed a difficult rebuild of the below-ground hydraulic elevator lift platform and steel structural supports for the Psychology Building garbage elevator. Throughout the project, they informed the customer of their progress and kept the work from impacting building occupants, specifically preventing smells from entering the facility from the worksite."

EOM August 2021 small

  Paul Foote (Utilities & Energy Services – Energy Efficiency & Conservation Specialist)

Nominated by Morgan White: "Paul Foote has led the International Freezer Challenge for our campus since it was started in 2017... This year, even with the complications of COVID-19, Paul was able to increase the number of labs participating in the Freezer Challenge from 21 last year to 34 this year. Because of his commitment, persuasive skills, and friendly, kind determination," Foote helped Illinois win this competition once again. Foote was also nominated separately for EOM by Karl Helmink.

Team of the Month

TOM September 2021 small

F&S Team: Building Service Workers - Moving Crew
David Drish, Michael Hauserman, James Head, Michael Hill, Cory Kallembach, Delbert Ketteman, Rodney Larkin, Saensuk Mokaphan, John Morris, Turhan Peacock, Joe Perkins 
reset the majority of 300 General Assignment classrooms and successfully demonstrated operational excellence, perseverance, and customer focus through their organized manner of storing and efficiently retrieving classroom furniture whenever necessary." 

TOM July 2021 small

F&S Team: Building Service Workers (Veterinary Medicine Clock Station)
Sandra Bartha, Robert Brown, Spencer Cloyd, Sean Curry, Jeff David, Bob Ebling, Samuel Gillespie, Michael Hauserman, Thomas Hodgson, Terrell Jones, Johnny Joyner, Gene Lynch, MacKenzie Martin, Scott McCartney, Ron McCloud, Bryon Miller, Ebony Murray, David Neumann, Scott Pham, David Roy, Theresa Sibley-Williams, Justin Stanford, James Stauffer, Trevor Toler Chris Wasson, Warkita Wilson, Sibley Wong, and Gilbert Wynn 
comprise this large team of BSWs who "consistently work as a team by collaborating on different projects. New ideas are always taken in and considered, and their teamwork is above board..." 

 TOM June 2021 small revised

F&S Team: Electricians
Will Corum, Larry Lustfeldt, Casey Reisner, Craig Wise, Todd Woods, Jeff Buck (retired), Ben Kinder, Mike Burge, Travis Murray, Brad Kelm

Nominated by Cheryl Bicknell and Steve Bainbridge: "The Electrical Team is always responsive to the project needs and schedule... always positive and pleasant." "They communicate well, are friendly, and deliver jobs on time and on budget.”

Pats on the Back

Pats on the backWant to recognize an F&S employee for a job well done? Shout out a star team member at fscustomerrelations@illinois.edu, or send them into Customer Relations & Communications in Room 147 of the Physical Plant Services Building. Pats on the Back are distributed to staff weekly. Submissions may be edited for style and length.