F&S employs many hard-working, dedicated and often extraordinary people who demonstrate exemplary service. Some employees distinguish themselves by consistently going above and beyond while making an improvement in a process, enhancing their output so that both their team and the campus benefit, or even by performing a Good Samaritan or humanitarian act while on the job. The F&S “Employee of the Month Award” (EOM) and "Team of the Month" (TOM) is given monthly to employees who have demonstrated one or more of the guiding principles that are essential to our organization, our university and our community. An Employee of the Year is selected annually from among the two categories of monthly winners.

Employee of the Month

EOM June 2021

 Alaina Davis (Capital Programs – Senior Contract Specialist)

Nominated by Dennis Craig: "Alaina brings a level of calm, persistent, and cheery work ethic to Capital Programs that is inspiring to everyone in the group. She honors project deadlines inherited from others while balancing a considerable work load and while also acting as a resource to the junior contract specialists."

EOM May 2021

James Scherer (Shared Administrative Services – Office Support Associate)

Nominated by Jerry Dinnin: “During the COVID shutdown [James] provided great customer service. . . . James has also taken on the additional role of Office Support Specialist . . . not only performing his normal duties but also reviewing work orders/outages/locates in the absence of the supervisor. 

EOM April 2021

Charles Sims (Operations, Maintenance & Alterations – Building Service Worker)

Nominated by Rob Urban: “Charlie takes great pride in cleaning and disinfecting his assigned work area...While on the deep night shift, we don't come across many customers, but we have over 300 BSWs on campus, and he has always treated every co-worker with dignity and respect."

Team of the Month

TOM May 2021

Cross-Departmental F&S Team: Stephanie Amabeli, Lucas Barton, Robbie Bauer, Kevan Bolden, Jeff Burton, Michael Carlson, Joe Daly, Shane English, Steve Glascock, Steven Griswold, Johnnie Harris, Bryan Helfrich, Greg Kaiser, Robert King, Mike Larson, Mike Ligocki, David Middleton, Antwuan Neely, Shawn Patterson, Jonathan Runck, Josh Rushing, Jeffrey Snodgrass, Mark Stine, Ethan Thorne, Adam Uppinghouse, Chad Walker, Bob Weeks, Al York

Nominated by Frank Colacicco: Responding to a low-temperature alarm at the greenhouse complex, this team determined the need for a “temporary heating solution . . . secured materials [from offsite and within seven hours had] unloaded, transported, and positioned the equipment. . . . Over the next week the temporary heating equipment was operated by F&S staff. . . .”

TOM April 2021

Operations, Maintenance & Alterations Building Services Team: Aaron Brunkhorst, Reginald Carr, and Troy Rippon

Nominated by Joshua Murphy: "This team shows problem solving with every job...They show leadership by being a great example to follow behind, [with a] positive attitude every day. This team is the glue to this shift; they have held it together many, many times by going above and beyond."

Pats on the Back

Pats on the backWant to recognize an F&S employee for a job well done? Shout out a star team member at fscustomerrelations@illinois.edu, or send them into Customer Relations & Communications in Room 147 of the Physical Plant Services Building. Pats on the Back are distributed to staff weekly. Submissions may be edited for style and length.