Approved Campus Traffic Closures: Main St west of Mathews and sidewalk along Mathews

Closure Begins:
11/28/2018 18:00:00
06/30/2020 19:00:00
Street(s), Sidewalks, Bike Path or Parking to be Closed:

Main St. west of Mathews will be closed. Mathews Ave. will remain open. The sidewalks along W Main St. to the north and the south will be closed and the sidewalk on the west side of Mathews between Main and the Hydrosystems High Bay will be closed 11-29-18 until approximately June 2020

Intersecting Streets which are affected or define limits of closure: None
Reason for Closure: This closure is required for tree removal and the construction work for the CE Hydrosystems renovation and expansion project.

Additional Closure Information:  Approved Closure - Main St west of Mathews & sidewalk segment on west side of Mathews north of Main starting 11-26-18

  • Contact: Larry Backes
  • Phone: 309-404-9128