Archived Customer Forums & Open Houses

The Facilities & Services Customer Forums and Open Houses offer an additional method of communication between F&S and customers. Each provides an opportunity to ask questions, provide feedback, and discuss topics of importance with F&S employees. Below are some of our previous Customer Forums and Open Houses.

April 2015 Customer Forum

The April 2015 Customer Forum featured a discussion of the 2014 Customer Survey results along with breakout sessions detailing service request workflow and the Utilities Production and Distribution Master Plan.

  • April 2015 Customer Forum Summary

  • Forum Questions & Answers

  • Service Request Workflow

  • Utilities Master Plan

April 2014 Open House

The April 2014 Open House provided guided tours of the Physical Plant Service Building, Abbott Power Plant, Oak Street Chiller, and Automotive Services. The Open House also featured informational sessions on the Work Management Center and the workflow during a construction project. 


October 2013 Customer Forum

The October 2013 Customer Forum featured the introduction of the new F&S Executive Director, a summary of energy conservation efforts, updates on the expansion of the Building Service Workers’ Early Day Shift, my.FS Portal information, and an overview of the Work Management Center.

  • October 2013 Customer Forum Summary

  • Forum Questions & Answers

  • Energy Conservation Incentive Program Breakout Session Summary

  • my.FS Portal Breakout Session Summary

April 2013 Customer Forum

The April 2013 Customer Forum featured a discussion of the 2012 Customer Satisfaction Survey; information on the Work Management Center; and overviews of various process improvements, Utilities & Energy Services (UES), Building Service Workers’ Early Day Shift/Self-Directed Work Teams, and the my.FS Portal.

  • April 2013 Customer Forum Summary

  • Forum Questions & Answers

September 2012 Open House

The September 2012 Open House featured guided tours of the Physical Plant Service Building and offered informational sessions for the following areas: the my.FS Portal, campus energy, instructional space improvements, and the Building Service Workers’ Early Day Shift program.

April 2012 Customer Forum

The April 2012 Customer Forum provided updates to the Customer Working Group recommendations, along with overviews of Construction Services, UES, the zone management operational model, the Early Day Shift pilot, and the my.FS Portal.

  • Customer Forum Summary

  • April 2012 Forum Questions

October 2011 Customer Forum

The October 2011 Customer Forum provided a progress report on the customer working-group recommendations that have been completed or are in process and the recommendations that will be addressed in the next round of action plans. The forum also offered informational sessions on the my.FS Portal and construction project processes.

Customer Forum Summary PDF

May 2011 Customer Forum

The May 2011 Customer Forum featured information on the four customer working groups and their methods for evaluating issues and formulating recommendations. Recommendations which were either done or being worked on were also addressed at the forum.

November 2010 Customer Forum

The November 2010 Customer Forum featured the presentation of the 2010 Customer Satisfaction Survey results and it established four working groups to help identify action items based on survey results.