Capital Construction Projects 

Take a look around: some construction is continuing on campus even though health and safety efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19 added new restrictions and hurdles.

F&S’ Capital Programs division coordinated with university administrators and unit or department leadership to determine which projects would continue through the response to COVID and which projects would need more time to re-group before continuing progress.

The Illinois Street Residence (ISR) dining facility, the country’s second-largest on a university campus, is complete, while the living quarters at Blaisdell and Wardall halls are seeing regular improvements, as well. Work at the Seibel Center for Design, Talbot Laboratory, Mechanical Engineering Building, and Demirjian Park Stadium, among others, have also kept up with new health and safety protocols.

Capital Programs helps lead construction and project management for projects that have a total budget of $250,000 or more. Because of their scope and visibility, these capital projects help tell the story of the university, whether that’s in rehabbing culturally relevant buildings like those on the Main Quad or through new construction for athletic facilities for the Division of Intercollegiate Athletics.

 “We are proud to have continued as many projects as possible during these challenging times,” said Ehab Kamarah, director of capital programs. “F&S plays an essential role in the day to day operations of the university, but also in large scale planning and management. Our professionals have been able to stay productive to meet the needs of the university, while also finding ways to adjust to a new normal of health and safety procedures on-site.”

Project Updates
Hydrosystems Laboratory


A “smart bridge” connecting the Hydrosystems Laboratory to the Newmark Civil Engineering Laboratory will be instrumented with a variety of sensors to demonstrate for students and visitors the effects of various forces on built structures, both above and below ground. For more information visit:

Illinois Street Residence Hall Dining Facility


The ISR dining facility features nine micro restaurants and can seat nearly 1,400 people. See the University Housing website for more:

Demirjian Park

Soccer Stadium

Upon its completion, Demirjian Park will feature two new soccer fields, one for competition and one for practice, and a renovation of the existing track and field complex. See the layout and matchday information at