Capital Projects Summer 2014

There will be more than 40 capital improvement projects taking place on the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign campus over the summer 2014.

Capital Projects Summer 2014 Map PDF

Highlights of the capital projects include the completion of the new Electrical and Computer Engineering facility, the start of construction on the Chez Family Foundation Center for Wounded Veterans in Higher Education, the beginning of the Natural History Building renovation, Ikenberry Commons #3 Residence Hall work, upgrades to Huff Hall, and multiple transportation network improvements.

NOTE: Three major campus street projects will be starting immediately following Commencement and extend through the summer months necessitating closures and detours for motorized vehicles, bicyclists, and pedestrians. For more information on the street projects, including pedestrian access routes:

Capital Projects List

Corresponds to the 2014 Capital Projects Summer 2014 Map

1. North Campus Parking Deck - College of Engineering Build Out The project is a build out of 17,500 gsf of space in the ground floor/south side of the North Campus Parking Deck. The project will provide office and "light" research lab space for interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary research centers led by principal investigators within the College of Engineering.

North Campus Parking Deck – U.S. Geological Survey Addition and Parking Renovation
The project will provide a new 2,486 sq. ft. addition and renovations to the existing USGS space. Project site work includes the creation of a new fenced boat storage area for USGS to replace the area which will be utilized for the new addition.

2. Electrical and Computer Engineering – New Facility
The new 235,000 gsf LEED® certified facility for the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) will integrate instruction and research. The building facility will be four stories high with a basement, centrally located near other major engineering facilities south of Beckman Institute. The building will house a major portion of the department which will be consolidated from several facilities on north campus.

LEED® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Green Building Council.

3. Micro and Nanotechnology Lab - Makeup Air Handler Unit (AHU)

This project will install a new makeup AHU to supply the 8 pass-through clean room AHU's by way of their returns with individual variable air volume boxes. Humidification, cooling, heating, and air flow must be controlled.

4. Digital Computing Laboratory - Bioengineering Lab Remodel
This project for the Department of Bioengineering consists of remodeling approximately 3,500 sq. ft. on the first floor of the 1991 addition to the Digital Computing Laboratory. This project will provide four wet labs with 400 linear feet of lab bench, four solvent fume hoods, four bio-safety cabinets and a chemical waste storage room.

5. University High School - Life Safety Upgrades
This project will address fire suppression, fire barrier penetrations, and minor fire alarm upgrades. Fire suppression will be installed throughout the building. The assembly occupancy of the fourth floor requires full building suppression. Additionally, the building contains two chases on each side of the central corridor. These chases extend from the basement to the attic floor cavity and penetrate the corridor at each floor level.

6. 508 South Sixth Street - Entry Vestibule and Room 100 Renovation
The project entails repairing and repurposing an existing underutilized space on campus and creates a semi-flexible, multifunctional program area to accommodate the shortage of space due to remodeling projects.

7. Materials Science and Engineering Building - 212 Suite Laboratory Remodeling
The Department of Materials Science and Engineering will renovate approximately 2,500 sq. ft. of space in this suite. This renovation of the 212 laboratory suite of rooms will provide research laboratories and office space for two assistant professors. This renovation will include office space and bio-safety level 2 laboratory space to support the research of approximately 20 graduate research assistants.

8. Loomis Laboratory - Instructional Space and Infrastructure Repairs
This project will renovate the first floor west wing classrooms and adjacent corridor areas at Loomis Laboratory. The renovation project will include implementation of a fire suppression system and other needed life safety components. It will also include energy efficiency upgrades including replacing the current curtain wall glazing in the lobby and replacing HVAC systems and temperature control systems, improvements to instructional spaces by improving HVAC, IT, and A/V systems, antiquated ceilings, and lighting and repairing deteriorated flooring.

Loomis Laboratory - Room 276 Classroom Renovation
This project will renovate existing second floor rooms of Loomis Laboratory to create a new flexible 75 plus student departmental classroom and a new faculty lounge. Included in this classroom remodel project will be required modifications to the existing HVAC system and fire suppression will be added to the renovated spaces.

9. Housing – Illinois Street Residence Halls- Wardall Hall - Elevator Replacement
Wardall Hall, built in 1962, is in need of replacing three elevators, original to the building. This project will replace all three elevator cabs, hallway doors on all twelve floors, machine room equipment, hall buttons, complete cabs, glides, cables, and upgrade safety and communications equipment. The work will bring the elevators up to current elevator codes and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines.

10. Housing - Goodwin and Green Apartments - Window Replacement
Replace all of the original existing aluminum frame windows (approximately 300) in the apartment buildings with thermally broken aluminum frames and sashes with thermally sealed double glazing with soft low-e film on face 3.

11. Burrill Hall & Roger Adams Laboratory - School Of Earth, Society and Environment/School of Integrative Biology - Natural History Building - Transitional Space
This project will include selective remodeling and renovation work including minor demolition, mechanical/electrical and architectural finishes to prepare identified rooms for temporary surge space during the Natural History Building remodeling project. This design and construction initiative will include instructional laboratories and associated staff offices along with preparation areas and storage.

12. Natural History Building - R-1 Demolition and Structure
This sub project allows for the early bid phase of the Natural History Building renovation work that consists primarily of demolition, hazardous material removal, concrete, structural steel, roofing, and site utilities.

13. Illini Union - Service Elevator E3 Renovation
The Illini Union service elevator, E3, is the primary service elevator for food service and building operations at the Union. It is used heavily every day for both Illini Union and food service operations. Also, the elevator hoist and attic level elevator machine room, will be brought up to current codes, ADA guidelines, and facility standards.

14. Parking Structure C7 - Existing Deck Condition Investigation and Repair
This project will reinforce observed areas of structural deterioration of the concrete parking decks of the parking structure C7.

15. Noyes Lab - Chemistry Transitional Spaces
This project will provide temporary instructional lab space and offices for the Chemistry Annex while that facility is being renovated. New work will include mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems verification and improvements, and finish upgrades.

Noyes Laboratory - Lab 463 Renovation
Provide the complete renovation of the existing wet lab 463 including new finishes, casework, lab utilities, HVAC, and fume exhaust hoods. The existing room finishes and casework will be removed.

Noyes Laboratory - School Of Earth, Society and Environment - Natural History Building - Transitional Space
This project will include selective remodeling and renovation work including minor demolition, mechanical/electrical and architectural finishes to prepare identified rooms for temporary surge space during the Natural History Building remodeling project. This design and construction initiative will include instructional laboratories and associated staff offices, preparation areas, and storage.

16. Medical Science Building - Renovation of Instructional Labs
This project seeks to restructure approximately 6,000 sq. ft. of instructional laboratories in the Medical Sciences Building for histology, microbiology, neuroscience, and immunology. The project addresses significant changes in the medical curriculum that have been gradually implemented since the building was originally designed in the 1970's.

17. Davenport Hall - Exterior Repairs
As part of the Academic Facilities Maintenance Fund Assessment for the Deferred Maintenance Program, this project would address multiple deficiencies associated with the exterior of Davenport Hall and will replace windows. Various components of the project include re-pointing the exterior envelope to increase building performance, replacing deteriorated gutters and downspouts, as well as various types of roofing replacement.

Davenport Hall - Chemistry Transitional Spaces
Provide temporary instructional lab space, computer labs, and classrooms for the Chemistry Annex while that facility is being renovated. New work will include mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems verification and improvements, and finish upgrades.

Davenport Hall- School of Earth, Society and Environment - Natural History Building - Transitional Space
This project will include selective remodeling and renovation work including minor demolition, mechanical/electrical and architectural finishes to prepare identified rooms for temporary surge space during the Natural History Building remodeling project. This design and construction initiative will include instructional laboratories and associated staff offices, preparation areas and storage.

18. Parking Lot C16 Renovation
The Parking Department has requested a renovation project for Lot C16. This lot is located on the north side of Sherman Hall. This project will address elevation issues, layout reconfiguration, pavement and curb replacement, lighting and minimal site, and landscaping improvements.

19. Sherman Hall - Elevator Replacement - Phase I
University Housing will modernize the three elevators in the two building towers of Sherman Hall. All three elevators have original equipment to the building which is approximately 40 years old. The first of a two phased project, this project, will provide new cabs, controls, pumping unit and fixtures for the two-thirteen stop elevators.

20. Lincoln Hall Renovation - Memorial Gateway
Lincoln Hall is a continuing icon to the educational tradition of the University of Illinois and will provide exceptional public service for another century and beyond.

The Gateway Memorial is composed of two brick and stone decorative freestanding walls that were constructed as a gift to the University by the class of 1913. While repairs which were made to the concrete foundation in 2013 stabilized the monument’s base, problems with the brick and stone walls were not corrected. This project will restore the monument walls by dismantling the brick and stone masonry, salvaging both the bricks and stone, and re-laying the bricks and stone to restore the Gateway to its original condition.

21. Foellinger Auditorium - Balcony Seating Renovation
This project will renovate the balcony seating area in the Foellinger Auditorium. The existing seating was added during a 1937 renovation project. These seats are now outdated and uncomfortable based on modern standards. New seating will be provided to enhance audience comfort and improve the aesthetic quality of the space. Larger seats will require work to the balcony substructure to accommodate the revised tiers. New finishes, aisle lighting, cove lighting, and edge protection work will also be provided to improve the space.

22. Center for Wounded Veterans in Higher Education – New Facility
The Chez Family Foundation Center for Wounded Veterans in Higher Education will be a state-of-the-art facility combining 24-hour comprehensive support with academic programming to prepare severely wounded veterans to live independently and to successfully pursue their educational and career aspirations. The center will provide health and life skills management training, facilitated peer mentorship, academic tutoring, psychological and career counseling, rehabilitative services and employment services to the population of injured warriors returning from conflicts.

23. Children's Development Lab - Life Safety Upgrades
This project addresses priority I deficiencies that were identified in the campus facility condition report. Specifically, updating the fire alarm system, installation of fire suppression, and miscellaneous other life safety deficiencies will be addressed. The existing fire alarm system will be replaced by a new addressable fire alarm system with audible and visual notification. Fire suppression will be installed in the basement and emergency lighting will be installed where required.

24. Bevier Hall and Veterinary Teaching Hospital - Elevator Repairs
This project will support upgrades of two elevators, the freight elevator at Bevier Hall and a passenger elevator at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital. At Bevier Hall, the E1 freight elevator is in need of new pumps, cab, doors and controls. The passenger elevator, elevator 1 (near the loading dock), is in need of an elevator modernization; keep platform, replace components as needed. ADA and life safety concerns will also be addressed.

25. Main Library - Phase 2B of the Redevelopment Plan
This project will continue with the work started on the phase 2a project and will address multiple deficiencies associated with the exterior of the original Charles Platt portion of the Main Library. Work for this project will be focused on the north courtyard of the Main Library and will include window replacement and/or repair, re-pointing of exterior brick and stone and cleaning of discolored and stained stonework in the north courtyard.

26. 6th Street (From Gregory Drive to Armory Avenue)
This project will reconstruct pavement on 6th Street between Armory Avenue and Gregory Drive including work at the intersections and will add bike lanes, curb and gutter spot repairs, sidewalks, curb ramps and drainage structures. In addition, the project will upgrade the traffic signal at the intersection of 6th Street and Gregory Drive to include pedestrian countdown signals that have been shown to improve pedestrian compliance with “don’t walk” messages. The work will also include construction at the southwest corner of Chalmers Street and 6th Street. This work is scheduled to start May 19, 2014 and be completed by August 15, 2014.

27. Armory - Classroom Repairs
The comprehensive scope of work will include extension of the campus central chilled water to the north classrooms and associated mechanical work, air handling/distribution, and removal of window A/C units in the areas to receive newly conditioned air. It will also include a comprehensive design solution for the north corridor and select general assignment classrooms including wall patching and repair, painting and floor finishes, ceiling treatment and compatible lighting, and ADA signage. Funding for this project will come from the Academic Facilities Maintenance Fund Assessment.

28. Abbott Power Plant - Gas Boiler Replacement
To maintain continued reliable steam production at Abbott Power Plant, replacement of the existing gas boilers will be phased. This, phase one, project will remove gas boiler #4 and gas boiler #3 and associated systems. The removed gas boiler(s) and systems will be replaced with a new gas boiler and associated systems.

29. Ikenberry Commons #3 Residence Hall
This new 484 beds, LEED® Gold residence hall is planned to be a 155,000 sq. ft. building offering a combination of semi-suite, single and double room configurations with common facilities. The exterior design of this new residence hall is to reflect that of the first two residence halls, with similar proportions of brick, stone trim and glazing scaled to a four or five story building. All site related work such as utilities, storm-water, and landscaping are included as part of this project. Also included is the design and execution of a storm water retention system on the west playing fields on 1st street.

30.Weston Hall - Electrical Upgrade and AC Installation
Student rooms and study lounges at Weston Hall be air-conditioned with window units. This project will add new power distribution panels, circuit breakers, raceway (as needed) and outlets for the units that are being installed making appropriate wall/window modifications.

31. Huff Hall - Southeast Classroom and Infrastructure Renovation
This project will install HVAC upgrades 2nd through 4th floors; complete update of finishes, furnishings, emergency exits in classroom 209; provide exterior envelope upgrades and repair of the southeast east tower; replace existing temporary exterior ramp with a new permanent ADA compliant ramp; and renovate and refurbish third floor office spaces.

Huff Hall - Wood Floor Replacement
This project will remove and replace the existing wood gymnasium flooring at Huff Hall. The existing wood flooring will be completely removed including the wood sleeper system. The new gym floor to be installed in the volleyball court area shall be 25/32" x 2 1/4" first grade maple. The remainder for the gym shall be 25/32" x 2 1/4" second & better grade maple. All new flooring is to be sealed and finished. The installation shall include vented cove base and aluminum transition plates. New painted game lines and logos shall be included as well.

Huff Hall - Bleacher Replacement
Remove existing retractable bleachers on the east and west walls of the gymnasium and replace with new bleachers. Provide completely new bleachers on the south wall where no bleachers currently exist. New bleachers will provide for all required accessible seating requirements and provide the required egress from the upper balconies.

32. Library Air Conditioning Center Cooling Tower Replacement
The scope of this project will be to replace cooling tower 05 and cooling tower 06 with the new towers piped to a common header.

33. David Kinley Hall Basement Renovation
The south quadrant of David Kinley Hall will be renovated into an office suite consisting of six faculty offices, a conference room, reception area, and storage. The offices will be reconfigured in such a way to make efficient use of the existing exterior windows. The existing entry door that leads into the suite will be maintained and will be sufficient to provide the necessary security and privacy to the area.

David Kinley Hall - Exterior Door and Window Replacement - Phase 2
This project will replace exterior windows which were not replaced during the David Kinley Hall windows replacements phase project. The windows will meet the same performance and aesthetic requirements of the windows which were replaced in the phase 1 windows replacement project. The main entry ways will also be replaced in this project.

34. Turner Hall Crop Sciences and Soils Lab Remodel
The Turner Hall Crops Sciences and Soils laboratories will be renovated to provide state of the art instructional and research spaces. Plans will follow the recommendations of the feasibility studies that were prepared in 2007 and 2009. Life safety and HVAC improvements will be made to these laboratories as well.

35. Education Building - Exterior Repairs and Ground Floor Room Renovations
This project will address the quality of space occupied by the college of education for faculty, staff, and instructional needs and replace the plaza deck membrane on the east side of the Education Building. Work will include removal and replacement of the existing plaza deck.

36. 4th street (from Kirby Avenue to Armory Avenue)
A related project will include resurfacing of 4th Street from Peabody Drive to Armory Avenue and reconstruction of 4th Street from Kirby Avenue to Peabody Drive. On-street bike lanes will be constructed as well as curb bump outs for narrowed crossing distances at selected intersections, and a new traffic signal will be constructed at the intersection of 4th Street and Peabody Drive. The project will also include new storm sewer between Gregory Drive and Peabody Drive. This work is scheduled to start May 19, 2014 and be completed by August 15, 2014.

37. Activities and Recreation Center and Campus Recreation Center East - Sliding Door Replacement
Replace the double sliding glass doors at the front entrance of the Activities and Recreation Center and of the Campus Recreation Center East with an electric eye operated revolving door at each facility. Each door would utilize the three compartment model. ADA access will either be achieved with either the revolving door or an adjacent ADA accessible doorway at each facility.

38. Stadium Drive (From Neil Street to Oak Street)
This project will reconstruct pavement on Stadium Drive from Neil Street for 415 feet west of Oak Street. The improvements will also include curb and gutter replacement, drainage structures, and storm sewer pipe cleaning. This work is scheduled to start May 19, 2014 and be completed by August 15, 2014.

39. Housing Food Stores - Culinary Kitchen Remodel Phase I
For housing food stores-culinary remodel, phase II, it is anticipated that room 35 will accommodate off-site catering and pastry production. The scope of work is to include re-configuring of existing kitchen equipment, purchase and installation of new kitchen equipment, upgrade and modification of the HVAC system and upgrades to utilities as required.

40. State Farm Center - Renovation and Addition
This project will include architectural and engineering services and construction management services for design, construction document, bidding, construction administration and post construction phases for the complete renovation and additions of the State Farm Center.

41. Bielfeldt Athletic Administration Building - Hall of Fame Room Remodeling
Provide a new second floor to create new administrative offices within the existing two story hall of fame space. The project will include HVAC modifications to accommodate the new offices and to improve the performance in the hall of fame space.

42. Pennsylvania Residence Halls and Florida Avenue Residence Halls - Exterior Lighting Replacements
This project is expected to study, design, and estimate the cost of replacing the current exterior lighting system for the Pennsylvania Avenue and Florida Avenue Residence Halls including the college court area. Additionally, the funding requested will fund the work of replacing as many fixtures as possible.

Not Pictured on Map

Children's Research Center - Life Safety Upgrades
This project will address life safety deficiencies in the children's research center. Fire suppression and emergency lighting will be added throughout the facility. An addressable fire alarm system with audio and visual notification will be installed. Exit signage will be replaced with energy efficient LED fixtures. Fire doors will be installed enclosing the open stairwell to provide safe egress during an emergency. Limited new finishes including ceiling and floor tile replacement will be included where necessary.

Orchard Downs Apartment Renovations
This project will renovate building 780 in the Orchard Downs apartment complex. The scope of work will include new interior finishes, doors and hardware, furnace with A/C coil; upgrade electrical service, interior insulation, windows, appliances, and exterior entrance renovations.