Environmental and Safety Compliance Intern

02/09/2020 18:00:00
DUTIES: Assist with the collection and management of safety and compliance information pertaining to pollution control and occupational safety programs. Visit campus facilities, consult engineering drawings and/or utilize library resources as necessary to compile data on pollution control activities and safety management measures.

QUALIFICATIONS: Engineering or science major familiar with environmental science. Special consideration will be given to applicants with pertinent work experience and knowledgeable in environmental health and safety database management, HTML and basic WebPage design, as well as Word and Excel. Both undergraduate and graduate students will be considered. 

Position is for summer work, expected start date is 5/26. Rate : $12/h undergraduate, $15/h graduate.

Applicants should be in good standing to be able to work. See information below about student eligibility: https://osfa.illinois.edu/types-of-aid/employment/regulations/guidelines-policies/

To apply, please click here https://www.fs.illinois.edu/about-us/job-opportunities/job-application