Pothole Spray-Injection Patching Repair Work

Apr 16, 2015
Please be aware that pothole repairs will take place.

Please be aware that pothole repairs will take place on First Street (from Peabody Drive to Gregory Drive) and Fourth Street (from St. Mary’s Road to Kirby Avenue) beginning on Friday, April 17 and be completed over the next several days.  To minimize encounters with vehicles, work will begin each day at approximately 3:00 a.m. and continue through the morning.

Facilities & Services has contracted with the City of Champaign to perform spray-injection patching.  This technique is a more durable method of pothole repair, especially under freeze-thaw conditions. The process involves blowing out the void with compressed air and spraying a mixture of hot oil and chip aggregate into the void, essentially gluing it closed. Small crushed aggregate applied on top of the patch prevents it from tracking before it cures.  Loose aggregate will be swept up after curing is complete.

We appreciate your patience and help as crews make repairs to university streets. 

For questions, please contact Customer Relations & Communications (CRC) fscustomerrelations@illinois.edu, 217-300-2155.