2016 Engineering Open House Tour

Mar 10, 2016
Engineering Open House Visitors Tour North Campus Chiller Plant

March 11, 2016

EOH LogoLove that feeling of stepping into an air-conditioned building on a hot day? Come tour the North Campus Chiller Plant during the 2016 Engineering Open House and see how we keep the campus cool.

On the tour you will see how water chillers remove heat from 37,500 tons of water and then send that chilled water through 26 miles of underground pipes to campus buildings where it passes through coils in air handlers, fan coil units, or other systems to efficiently cool building air.

Tour Hours
Friday, March 9, 2016                   9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Saturday, March 10, 2016             9 a.m. – Noon   

Any Questions?

Mike Larson
Director of Utility Operations

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North Campus Chiller Plant
305 N. Mathews Ave. Urbana, IL

North Campus Chiller Plant