ADVISORY: Natural Gas Transmission Line Inspection and Cleaning

Sep 21, 2020
F&S crews will inspect and clean the natural gas transmission line section from Curtis Road to Gregory Drive from Monday, September 21 to Wednesday, September 23. The south-to-north line is situated along US Route 45 (Dunlap Avenue), Griffith Drive, and Oak Street, continuing toward Abbott Power Plant. 

Building occupants in nearby facilities and locations along the route should be advised that at times the work may release a natural gas–like odor and also has the potential to produce intermittent noise disturbances similar to the sound of a jet engine. 

The Illinois Commerce Commission requires a periodic condition assessment of transmission lines. This process, commonly referred to as “smart or intelligent pigging (pipeline inspection gauges),” uses a probe to check and clean the pipeline, helping ensure its long-term reliability. No service outages are expected due to the project. 

For questions, please contact Sushanth Girini, 217-300-3395.