COVID Response

Thank you for viewing this page regarding the unit's response to the COVID-19.
Social distancing considerations:

COVID-19 Operational Updates
  • Buildings

  • Cleaning

  • Construction

  • General

  • HVAC

  • Safety

Social Distancing Space Support from Health and Safety Response Teams
F&S Health and Safety Response Teams will be available by appointment to consult with departments and units on questions regarding social distancing space considerations. Requests for assistance should be directed to

Cleaning and Disinfecting Questions/Feedback

Building Services has established to receive campus questions and feedback regarding cleaning and disinfecting activities. Departmental staff will respond as soon as practical after reviewing each inquiry.

Website and Signage
As new information emerges, we will provide updates through F&S communication methods. We also encourage you to visit for resources and answers to frequently asked questions about this illness. For access to official downloadable university building signage (restrooms, elevators, stairwells, etc.), go to this Box account: