Inspiration. Innovation. Leadership. Perseverance. Agility.

F&S is the capable steward of the physical home of a pre-eminent public research university with a land-grant heritage.

We serve a city unto itself: the iconic structures and grounds that give the campus its distinctive identity, technology-rich facilities that foster scholarly innovation, and the living environments that are home to 51,196 students. Equally valuable—though often unseen—are the innovative research contributions F&S staff regularly make for our students and academic partners.

Individuals from a variety of disciplines use F&S resources, expertise, and facilities. Campus buildings, streets, and green spaces are the living laboratories for students and faculty projects. F&S has collaborated on more than 55 student and academic projects since fall 2018, and more requests arrive each day.

This plan serves as the F&S roadmap for the next five years. It is the product of collaboration across F&S’ six divisions and approximately 1,100 employees. We have set a challenging course for the future.

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