General Guidelines

The General Guidelines provide information, guidance and requirements relative to a number of general topics that relate to new construction and/or remodeling. For ease of use, these topics have been organized into four categories. Typically, the General Guidelines address issues that are campus-wide, system-wide or building-wide; issues that tend to be more global and/or philosophical in nature. They address issues that might otherwise go unaddressed among the numerous details of the Technical Sections. It is our intention that, by reading the General Guidelines, a designer who is unfamiliar with construction and remodeling on campus will be able to quickly get the big picture regarding “the U of I way of doing things”.

The term “General Guidelines” is used to describe the overview type of information presented in these sections. However, the requirements described in these sections are equal in authority to the Technical Sections, and an approved variance is required to deviate from the General Guidelines.

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