Energy Management Control Center

Aug 08, 2013
In less than five years, Illinois reduced energy consumption in facilities by 28%.

CHAMPAIGN, IL (June 20, 2013) Out of the need for aggressive campus energy usage programs in the mid 2000’s to address fiscal, environmental, and social responsibilities the university launched an energy conservation initiative.   The spiraling cost of energy and increasing campus demand presented not only significant challenges to preserving the critical missions of the university, but also the opportunity to invest resources and to raise greater awareness about the need for energy conservation.

In less than five years, Illinois reduced energy consumption in facilities by 28%.  This result far exceeds target goals established in the Illinois Climate Action Plan (iCAP) and is greater than shown by peer institutions.

Building on this success, Facilities & Services Utilities & Energy Services (UES) division at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is transforming its operation for the future.  The newly opened Energy Management Control Center (EMCC) becomes the heart for this $100M a year Illinois energy management enterprise.   The EMCC will bring all of the data systems into one area, integrating demand, purchase, and production with enhanced monitoring and automation capabilities.  THE EMCC ensures UES will continue providing reliable energy for the university by keeping technical systems operating more efficiently.

Chancellor Wise’s Visioning Future Excellence at Illinois identified “Energy and the Environment” as its top multidisciplinary theme and the EMCC reflects this concept, improving sustainability with real world results and providing research opportunities to act on societal challenges.  

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