$44M in Student Funding Allocated to Modernize Campus

Dec 19, 2017

CHAMPAIGN, IL – More than $44M in student funding to modernize teaching and learning environments will benefit the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign campus. Capital improvement projects were selected and approved by the Academic Facilities Maintenance Fund Assessment (AFMFA) Oversight Committee and are in development.

For FY18 and FY19, more than 20 project proposals were reviewed using criteria such as programmatic impact, visibility, emerging learning and teaching methodologies, economies of scale, energy conservation, and life safety. The committee also conditionally approved allocating $27M in FY20-21 toward the future renovation of Altgeld Hall upon the university securing the remainder of funds required for a capital improvement project from other sources before 2020.

AFMFA is currently the primary source of funding for deferred maintenance projects on the Urbana campus. Since the program’s inception in 2007, student contributions have addressed more than $200M in backlogged work. 


AFMFA Contribution

Digital Computer Laboratory - Life Safety and HVAC Upgrades


Davenport Hall - West Renovation


Restroom Upgrades – Multiple Buildings


Elevator Upgrades – Multiple Buildings


Medical Sciences Building - Carle Illinois College of Medicine Renovation Contribution


Main Library - Roof and HVAC Replacement


Mechanical Engineering Building - Renovation Contribution


Wohlers Hall - Life Safety Improvements


Roger Adams Laboratory - Life Safety and Restroom Upgrades


Noyes Laboratory - Lecture Hall and Interior Renovations


Critical Repairs


Main Library - Reading Room Renovation


Chiller Upgrades – Multiple Buildings


Total Projects


Assistant Director of Deferred Maintenance and Classroom Programs Doris Reeser said, “The committee comprised of student and administration representatives did an outstanding job supporting transformative projects that will contribute to the university’s excellence by upgrading building systems, enhancing energy conservation initiatives, and aiding in accessibility and life safety improvements. These selections will positively impact student experience for generations to come.”

Included in the selections is funding to supplement two active capital improvement projects, the Mechanical Engineering Building (MEB) Renovation and the Medical Sciences Building, Carle Illinois College of Medicine Renovation. The $3M contribution to the MEB Renovation supplements an earlier $6.5M AFMFA commitment to the $41M project to address additional deferred maintenance in the facility.

AFMFA impact over the next two fiscal years includes projects throughout campus with a $5.5M renovation of the west wing of Davenport Hall, $2.2M interior renovation of Noyes Laboratory, and $5.2M for upgrades to the Main Library.

As part of AFMFA’s 10-year anniversary, more than 40 buildings renovated through the program were marked with acknowledgment plaques placed in lobbies and other high-use areas. More information on AFMFA, including a project list, is available at http://go.fs.illinois.edu/afmfa

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