Student Job Opportunities

Mar 24, 2021

Dear Colleagues,

F&S is committed to establishing a diverse and inclusive workplace that unleashes the talents of all employees to create value, deliver superior support, and develop innovative solutions for the campus community. One of the ways we demonstrate that commitment is by providing opportunities to the university’s outstanding undergraduate and graduate students through our Diversity Internship Program.

I would like to request each of you strongly consider promoting the part-time and full-time job opportunities we have available to your students. F&S departments and shops span all fields of work, each serving as a vital component to the success of the university. Once again, we offer several openings within various career paths, including, but not limited to, roles in data science, engineering, construction, communications, facilities information, sustainability, environmental compliance, and utilities and energy.

Brief descriptions of the positions are located on our website at Students can review the descriptions and then submit a resume for the positions that match their interests. For questions, please contact Director of Human Resources, Diversity, & Strategy, Eric Smith, 217-244-1394.

Thank you for supporting our Diversity Internship Program and our efforts to attract and retain a diverse workforce while supporting the university’s strategic goals to do the same.


Dr. Mohamed Attalla, MBA, P.Eng.
Executive Director, Facilities & Services