Bike Shelter at Flagg Hall

Sep 16, 2021

Bikers on campus have a new way to park their bicycle near housing and other oft-visited buildings.A new bike shelter at Flagg Hall.

A 96-bicycle capacity bike shelter was completed in June and represents an upgrade in efficient on-campus bike storage. It is the largest sheltered bike lot on campus.

The shelter, located just north of Flagg Hall, uses ‘side stage’ (vertical) racks. Each rack holds two bikes at different heights and can be installed forward or backward.

“We care about bicyclists on campus and want to make sure they have the best infrastructure we can possibly give them through the development of complete streets, dedication to safety and lighting in bike lanes, and things like parking options in helpful places,” said Stacey DeLorenzo, transportation demand management coordinator. “This large, covered rack is an upgrade for bicyclists looking to protect their bikes from weather and is more efficient in space usage, as well.”

The structure is glass and metal, measuring 14-feet wide by 63-feet long, with cement laid to take bikers to and from the shelter to lanes that link directly to Fourth Street, multiple undergraduate housing buildings, Huff Hall, and the new Siebel Center for Design. Bikers are encouraged to use U-locks, and if using a rack already holding one bike, to use the opposite tire of that bike in order to save space and make for easier detachment. 

Added bike parking helps the university promote bike usage, something that effects multiple goals in the Illinois Climate Action Plan. The structure also advances the campus’ Bicycle Friendly University (BFU) status, improving overall bike culture and infrastructure.

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