Street Jurisdiction

Facilities & Services is responsible for maintaining university-owned streets, and the majority of campus sidewalks and bicycle pathways within the University District. University Housing and the Division of Intercollegiate Athletics also perform some maintenance activities, including repair and snow/ice removal, in areas around campus residence halls and athletic facilities respectively.

Street Ownership

The university has developed intergovernmental agreements with the City of Champaign and City of Urbana to address specific street locations where jurisdictional responsibilities intersect.

Please refer to the street ownership map to identify general University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign jurisdictional areas. For questions about specific locations not indicated on the map, contact the F&S Service Office, 217-333-0340.

Snow/Ice Removal Procedures

For questions regarding snow/ice removal visit our snow removal page.

Bicycle and Sidewalk Infrastructure

Existing University Bicycle Paths: 45,718 linear feet (8.7 miles) (off-street) Existing University Bicycle Lanes: 5,797 linear feet (1.1 miles) (on-street)