Annual Space Survey


Per federal, state, and local reporting requirements, the university is obligated to conduct a space survey (inventory) every year. This information is subject to the National Science Foundation Survey of Sciences and Engineering Research Facilities, the Clery Act, Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE), the Capital Resource Allocation and Management Program (RAMP), the Real Property Utilization Report, the Campus Profile, the Integrated and Value-Centered Budget model (IVCB), the Higher Education Facilities Management Association, F&S daily operations and various other reporting entities for examination and inspection of the space information for reporting purposes.


Space Survey Process

1. Facilities & Services, Facilities Information Resources department will provide a Space Survey user guide for updating your space data through Archibus Web Central.

2. Facility/Business managers from your unit, designated by you, should already have access to Archibus Web Central with “view and edit” permissions as part of your College’s ongoing review and space change request process. These existing Archibus Web Central accounts may be used to complete the Campus Space Survey.

3. Facility/business managers from your unit shall update the location of all personnel to meet safety procedures. Facilities Information Resources department will provide an Archibus Web Central user guide to assist with adding/updating your employee locations.

4. Upon completion of the survey, a “Space Survey Certification” form is required to be signed by the dean and/or department head completing the survey and will be kept on record to fulfill auditing requirements.

5. Updates to the space inventory database system will be reflected in the Enterprise Data Warehouse.

6. A team of F&S staff and students will survey selected areas to validate the data collected.


Survey Specific Guides and Forms

Campus Survey User Guide PDF

Space Survey Certification Form PDF

Space Release Request Form ONLINE


Archibus Web Central User Account

To access the Space Survey, you must have an Archibus Web Central user account assigned the "Campus Space" or the "Department Space" role. To verify your Archibus Web Central account status, try logging in at using your Active Directory NetID and password.


Quick Links

Archibus Web Central – Request User Accounts, User Guides, Look Up Tables

Archibus Web Central Training – Options available for training


Space Survey Contact

For updates to space survey contacts for your department, please email or call Kimberly McLaughlin (; 300-0143) or Facilities Information Resources ( anytime throughout the year.