F&S is pleased to be a key leader of the new Illinois Geothermal Coalition. "F&S has a long history of supporting the use of the campus as a living-learning laboratory, and our recent academic collaborations have allowed for exciting innovations, like the Geothermal Coalition," said Morgan White, F&S Associate Director for Sustainability. The University of Illinois is building a coalition of corporations, non-profits, and researchers to establish Illinois as a leader in geothermal energy. This coalition will work together to strengthen and advance the implementation and design of geothermal energy systems in the Midwest. Sign up online at: https://go.illinois.edu/geothermal_coalition, or use the QR code on the right.

This coalition will establish the University of Illinois as a leader in geothermal energy and renewable energy innovation. F&S is exploring new potentials of renewable energy sources as one path to campus carbon neutrality by 2050. The coalition will help in developing policies for integrating groundwater and geothermal systems within the campus energy mix, including the impact of geothermal systems in energy generation and storage on campus energy management. F&S is excited to collaborate with the many Illinois Geothermal Coalition partners to help increase the deployment of geothermal systems on campus and optimize the construction and operation and maintenance processes of geothermal systems in the U of I campus.  

QR Shortcut to Join the Illinois Geothermal Coalition:
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Recent Updates

The iCAP Portal is a repository of campus sustainability efforts. The following list shows recent project updates, for the Geothermal on Campus project.