Facility Condition Reports

Determinations regarding the overall condition of the properties have been developed based upon inspection of representative areas of the facilities and not necessarily the entire facility. Terms such as ‘life safety,” “integrity,” and “functionality” are used to designate particular systems or areas that are in need of a specific type of repair.

1207 W. Oregon 238 2011.pdf
2006 Reassessment Check First.pdf
805 W Pennsylvania 221 2011.pdf
909 W Oregon 0506 2011.pdf
Abbott Power Plant 0120 2011.pdf
Aces Library, Infor and Alumni Center.pdf
Admin Information Technology Services 0281 2011.pdf
Admissions and Records Building 0378 2011.pdf
Advanced Computation Bldg 0017 2011.pdf
Aeronautical Laboratory A 0028 2011.pdf
Agricultural Bioprocess Lab 0073 2011.pdf
Agricultural Engineering Science Building 0008 2011.pdf
Agronomy Seed House 0842 2011.pdf
Altgeld Hall 26 2011.pdf
Animal Husbandry Cattle Feeding Plant 0820 2011.pdf
Animal Husbandry Sheep Barns 0811 2011.pdf
Animal Science AC Center 0401 2011.pdf
Animal Science K40 Facility 0831 2011.pdf
Animal Sciences Laboratory 0165 2011.pdf
Anthropology Storage 0330 2011.pdf
Architecture Building 0050 2011.pdf
Armory 0006 2011.pdf
Art and Design Building 0219 2011.pdf
Art Studio 0328 2011.pdf
Art-East Annex Studio 1 0018 2011.pdf
Art-East Annex Studio 2 0002 2011.pdf
Astronomy Building 0300 2011.pdf
Atmospheric Sciences Building 0208 2011.pdf
Beckman Institute 0228 2011.pdf
Bevier Hall 0158 2011.pdf
Biomedical Magnetic Resonance Lab 0140 2011.pdf
Burnsides Research Laboratory 0169 2011.pdf
Burrill Hall 0138 2011.pdf
Campbell Hall 0376 2011.pdf
Central Receiving Building 0170 2011.pdf
Central Trash Depot 0270 2011.pdf
Ceramics Building 055 2011.pdf
Ceramics Facility 0366 2011.pdf
Ceramics Kiln House 001 2011.pdf
Chemical and Life Sciences Laboratory 0070 2011.pdf
Chemistry Annex 10 2011.pdf
Child Development Lab 0062 2011.pdf
Children's Research Center 0075 2011.pdf
Civil Engineering Hydrosystems Lab 0152 2011.pdf
Clinical Skills Learning Center.pdf
Coble Hall 0130 2011.pdf
Colonel Wolfe School 0167 2011.pdf
Computer Applications Building 108 2011.pdf
Coordinated Science Lab 0148 2011.pdf
Dairy Experimental Round Barn 1 0855 2011.pdf
Dairy Experimental Round Barn 2 0856 2011.pdf
Dairy Experimental Round Barn 3 0857 2011.pdf
Dalkey Archive Press (PSSB).pdf
Davenport Hall 1 2011.pdf
David Kinley Hall 0054 2011.pdf
Digital Computer Lab 0210 2011.pdf
Early Child Development Building.pdf
EBI Farm Shed South Farms.pdf
Education Building 160 2011.pdf
Engineering Hall 0015 2011.pdf
Engineering Sciences Building 0174 2011.pdf
English Building 0044 2011.pdf
Environmental Health and Safety Bldg 0213 2011.pdf
Everitt Electrical 0037 2011.pdf
Feed Storage Plant 0815 2011.pdf
First Service Institute - Classroom and office.pdf
Flagg Hall 0089 2011.pdf
Foellinger Auditorium 0007 2011.pdf
Foreign Languages Building 0172 2011.pdf
Freer Hall 064 2011.pdf
Garage and Car Pool 0201 2011.pdf
General Arts Building 0371 2011.pdf
Geological Survey Laboratory 0128 2011.pdf
Glass Sculpture Building 0338 2011.pdf
Graduate Painting Facility 0375 2011.pdf
Graduate Photography Studio 0370 2011.pdf
Grainger Engineering Library 0324 2011.pdf
Gregory Hall 0043 2011.pdf
Gym Annex 0005 2011.pdf
Harding Band Building 0004 2011.pdf
Harker Hall 0025 2011.pdf
Henry Administration Building 0046 2011.pdf
Horticulture Field Lab 0068 2011.pdf
Huff Hall 0058 2011.pdf
Illini Hall 065 2011.pdf
Illini Union Bookstore 0106 2011.pdf
Illinois Simulator Laboratory, Beckman.pdf
Illinois Sustainability Technology Center.pdf
Imported Swine Research Laboratory 0912 2011.pdf
Inst Gov and Public Affairs Bldg 0074 2011.pdf

Inst Labor and Industrial Relations 0218 2011.pdf
International Studies Building 0369 2011.pdf
Kenney Gymnasium 0021 2011.pdf
Krannert Art Museum 0220 2011.pdf
Krannert Center for Performing Arts 0052 2011.pdf
Law Building 0156 2011.pdf
Levis Faculty Center 0126 2011.pdf
Library 41 2011.pdf
Library AC Center 0276 2011.pdf

Library and Information Science Bldg 0331 2011.pdf
Loomis Laboratory of Physics 0067 2011.pdf
Madigan Laboratory 0336 2011.pdf
Material Science and Engineering Building 0034 2011.pdf
Meat Science Laboratory 0171 2011.pdf
Mechanical Engineering Building 0112 2011.pdf
Mechanical Engineering Laboratory 0029 2011.pdf
Medical Sciences Building 192 2011.pdf
Microelectronics Laboratory 0237 2011.pdf
Morrill Hall 0242 2011.pdf
Mumford Hall 0069 2011.pdf
Mumford House 0125 2011.pdf
Music Building 0039 2011.pdf
National Soybean Research Center 0124 2011.pdf
Natural History Building 32 2011.pdf
Natural History Survey Greenhouse 134 2011.pdf
Natural Resource Studies Annex 0321 2011.pdf
Natural Resources Building 109 2011.pdf
Natural Resources Garage 133 2011.pdf
Newmark Civil Engineering Building 0024 2011.pdf
Noble Hall 0090 2011.pdf
North Barn and Milk House LAD 0926 2011.pdf
North Campus Chilled Water Plant 0232 2011.pdf
Noyes Laboratory 12 2011.pdf
Nuclear Engineering Laboratory 0117 2011.pdf
Nuclear Physics Laboratory 0110 2011.pdf
Nuclear Radiation Laboratory 0048 2011.pdf
Nuclear Reactor Lab 0182 2011.pdf
Observatory 0033 2011.pdf
Optical Physics and Engineering Bldg 0196 2011.pdf
Paleobotanical Building 0337 2011.pdf
Personnel Services Building 0154 2011.pdf
Physical Plant Service Building 0198 2011.pdf
Plant Sciences Laboratory 0256 2011.pdf
Police Training Institute - Tactical 0277 2011.pdf
Police Training Institute 0358 2011.pdf
Presidents House 0100 2011.pdf
Printing and Photographic Services 0222 2011.pdf
Printing Services South Building 0144 2011.pdf
Psychology Building 76 2011.pdf
Public Safety Building 0323 2011.pdf
Rehabilitation Education Center 0176 2011.pdf
Richmond Studio 0551 2011.pdf
Roger Adams Lab 116 2011.pdf
Sculpture Building 0327 2011.pdf
Seitz Materials Research Lab 0066 2011.pdf
Shelford Vivarium 0056 2011.pdf
Siebel Center for Computer Science.pdf
Smith Memorial Hall 60 2011.pdf
South Barn and Calf House - LAD 0925 2011.pdf
Sow Feeding Building - Swine Res Center 0807 2011.pdf
Special Materials Storage Facility 0372 2011.pdf
Speech and Hearing Clinic 0209 2011.pdf
Spurlock Museum 0373 2011.pdf
Stock Pavilion 0040 2011.pdf
Student Staff AC Center 0180 2011.pdf
Superconductivity Center 0095 2011.pdf
Surveying Building 0059 2011.pdf
Swanlund Administration Building 0193 2011.pdf
Talbot Laboratory 0013 2011.pdf
Temple Hoyne Buell Hall 0339 2011.pdf
Transportation Building 0042 2011.pdf
Turner Hall 0197 2011.pdf
Turner Hall Greenhouses 0131 2011.pdf
Undergraduate Library 0099 2011.pdf
University High School 61 2011.pdf
University High School Gymnasium 0063 2011.pdf
University Press 0255 2011.pdf
Vet Med Basic Sciences Building 350 2011.pdf
Vet Med Feed Storage Building 341 2011.pdf
Vet Med Surgery and Obstetrics Lab 287 2011.pdf
Vet Med Teaching Hospital 292 2011.pdf
Veterinary Medicine Chiller Plant 0352 2011.pdf
Waste Management and Research Lab 0206 2011.pdf
Water Survey Research Center No 1 0289-1 2011.pdf
Water Survey Research Center No 2 0289-2 2011.pdf
Water Survey Research Center No 4 0289-4 2011.pdf
Water Survey Research Center No 5 0289-5 2011.pdf
Water Survey Research Center No 6 0289-6 2011.pdf
Wohlers Hall 0159 2011.pdf
Wood Engineering Laboratory 0183 2011.pdf