Historic Property Management Program

Pertinent UIUC Historic Property Management Program Issues

Program Liaisons

Each university or campus unit involved in undertakings that could affect UIUC historic resources shall appoint a liaison for administrative coordination of the UIUC Historic Property Management Program. Liaisons will coordinate with the Campus Historic Preservation Officer (CHPO). The CHPO acts as the UIUC internal historic preservation consultant for administrative and technical issues regarding compliance and program implementation. The CHPO will brief liaisons on their administrative responsibilities and provide periodic group/individual training for liaisons and pertinent unit personnel.

Identification of Historic UIUC Resources

Baseline historic UIUC resources are currently identified within the boundaries of a main campus, south farms, Willard Airport and Allerton Related Piatt County holdings. The properties identified within these areas possess an architectural, engineering or landscape historic context associated with the development of UIUC. A number of UIUC properties have undergone more in depth historic research. Expanded historic contexts related to these resources, such as academic accomplishment and administrative management, have been developed and taken into account during the evaluation process.

The historic significance and physical integrity of UIUC properties has been determined through the combination of opinions by the Chancellor’s Design Advisory Committee Historic Sites Sub-committee and the application of the National Park Service’s National Register of Historic Places Criteria for Evaluation. Historic significance of UIUC properties is determined by examination of associated historical contexts, i.e. administration, research, architecture and archaeology. Physical integrity is determined by evaluating exterior/interior features, as well as the setting, of the subject resources.

Guideline: All UIUC properties older than 50 years in age are potentially historic.

UIUC properties will be surveyed and evaluated at approximately 45 years in age to determine historic eligibility and facilitate capital planning efficiency.

Undertaking Review Process

All university and campus entities conducting direct or indirect management, planning, construction or related functions that could affect the physical integrity of campus resources are subject to compliance in accordance with the requirements of the Illinois State Agency Historic Resources Preservation Act, the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 and other environmental legislation related to historic preservation. The concerned university and campus entities are also subject to the historic preservation principles set forth in the UIUC Campus Historic Preservation Plan adopted by the Chancellor’s Capital Review Committee in 1995.

Guideline: Early coordination is essential to establish accurate project budgets and ensure historic building code requirements are met.

To facilitate UIUC compliance and adherence to the above listed legislation and document, the following process will be executed: 

CHPO Review and Comment

The CHPO will review the submitted documentation and notify the sender either:

  • The project meets preservation standards and may proceed
  • The project requires further consultation with the CHPO prior to proceeding
  • The project requires review and comment by Illinois State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO)
Guideline: No undertaking may proceed, unless a declared emergency, until review and written comment by the CHPO.

Consultation with the CHPO will identify the need for further documentation or surveys, standards and guidelines to be met and the extent of the external administrative process for the undertaking, if required.