Required Phases & Minimum List of Deliverables

The Required Phases and Minimum List of Deliverables, or RPMLD, replaces Facility Standard “Exhibit 00 01 00‐01, AE Minimum List of Deliverables”.

The RPMLD makes some key improvements such as:

  • Communicates a project’s applicable phases
  • Communicates the Professional Services Consultant deliverables distribution list
  • Incorporates Feasibility Studies, Short Reports, and stand‐alone Conceptualizations
  • Delineates the deliverables versus their components
  • Organizes and establishes the list of PSC deliverables across all phases of the project.

During project setup, Capital Programs originates the project specific RPMLD. The Planner or Project Manager will share the project specific RPMLD with the respective design team(s). At each submittal, the consultant will use the RPMLD in conjunction with Project Submittal Requirements. The Engineering and Quality Assurance group will reference the submitted project specific RPMLD during all reviews.

RPMLD Resources:

RPMLD PSC Directions PDF
RPMLD Sample File XLSX
RPMLD Collated Example 
PSC Deliverables Requirements - Generic PDF
Full Deliverables List - Method & Format