Relocation Process

Major capital improvement projects or small construction work, projects either through F&S Construction Services or the Contractor Services or Job Order Contracting programs, will typically necessitate the relocation of departmental/unit faculty and staff spaces and equipment/belongings. 

How-To Relocate
Below is a how-to guide explaining the steps for relocating once a space request form has been submitted and approved along with a departmental/unit responsibilities and relocation process checklist items when moving out.

  • General Unit/Departmental Responsibilities

  • How to Relocate (Capital improvement projects > $250K)

  • How to Relocate (Small construction projects < $250K)

  • Record Documents

  • Surplus and Purge Process



  • Typically, F&S can move eight standard-size offices a day
  • F&S can provide cost estimates with a work order
  • F&S Crafts & Trades and departments, such as carpenters and  Public Functions, need notification well in advance for work to be planned over the summer months, their peak season