Custodial Services

Building Service Workers (BSWs) work in shifts around the clock to keep campus buildings clean.

Fall 2021 Semester Update

For the Fall 2021 semester, F&S updated the Service Levels for Building Services. The revised service levels were presented to the COVID-19 Executive Steering Committee, and these planned custodial activities will begin Monday, August 16. This semester, the number of active general assignment and departmental classrooms will increase to over 850, which has placed additional importance on regular cleaning efforts in spaces because of the expected usage volume. The service level changes will help enable continued emphasis on COVID-19 cleaning and disinfection while increasing custodial support for expanded on-campus operations. Focus areas for the fall semester will include the following:

  • Maintaining an increased level of daily classroom and restroom cleaning
  • Returning to private office cleaning every other week
  • Keeping multi-cubicle areas cleaned weekly
  • Prioritizing the cleanup of shared-use spaces, such as entrances, hallways, elevators, stairwell, and kitchen areas
  • Sustaining appropriate cleaning levels in research laboratories
More information is available at
Cleaning and Disinfecting Questions/Feedback
Building Services has established to receive campus questions and feedback regarding cleaning and disinfecting activities. Departmental staff will respond as soon as practical after reviewing each inquiry.


  • Cleaning restrooms and educational, research, private, and public areas
  • Emptying trash and recycling containers
  • Mopping floors
  • Restocking soap and towel dispensers
  • Erasing chalkboards and replenishing chalk
  • Dusting wood trim, window ledges, baseboards, radiators, and conduits
  • Cleaning university-installed and approved carpeting
  • Locking and unlocking doors
BSWs remove snow from steps and walkways leading to buildings. They also perform special services such as emergency clean-ups in the event of flooding or plumbing leaks. The movers in this group help move items including furniture, file cabinets, books, lab equipment, and supplies.

Frequency of Services             

Once Per Week

Five Times Per Week

Labs Entrances and Hallways
Private Offices
Vending Areas
Administrative Offices
Reception Areas
Water Fountains (1st floor)
Restrooms (1st floor)

Three Times Per Week

Twice Monthly

Wall-to-Wall Vacuuming
Lounges, Conference Rooms, Kitchens           
(university-installed and approved carpeting)
Water Fountains (upper floors)
Restrooms (upper floors)