Snow & Ice Removal Guidelines

F&S is responsible for providing snow removal for 23 miles of roadway, 147 parking lots with more than 16,000 spaces, 90 miles of sidewalk, 10 miles of bicycle paths and lanes, and more than 200 buildings on 1,400 acres.

SnowRemoval (196)

In all, it is a team effort of more than 300 employees at F&S in the Grounds, Transportation, Building Services, and Construction Services departments working long hours to keep the campus open and accessible for students, faculty, and staff.

Snow removal is considered priority work; pavements, sidewalks, bicycle lanes, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility ramps, building entrances, ADA building entrances and routes of access to these entrances, and lugger platforms must be cleared any time of the day or night.  Primary campus streets and drives are the number one priority for our large snowplows; sidewalks and building entrances are priorities for our Grounds and Building Services departments.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation as our crews make every effort to keep our streets, sidewalks, building entrances, and key parking lots clear during and after winter storms.  

NOTE: The university does not perform snow and ice removal activities on Green Street, except sidewalks adjacent to campus buildings between Wright Street and Lincoln Avenue.

Snow and ice removal for sidewalks, streets, and parking lots in non-university jurisdictional locations such as Green Street and off-campus housing complexes and units are regulated by City of Champaign and City of Urbana snow removal procedures and ordinances. 

City Snow Removal Webpages
City of Champaign
City of Urbana

Questions regarding non-university sites should be directed appropriately. For questions about campus areas or snow/ice removal operations or to report a persistent area, please contact the F&S Service Office 217-333-0340.

Snow Parking Priority Lots

Salt TruckThe parking facilities identified below are designated priority lots and will be cleared first. They are designed to take in as many parking customers as possible until smaller lots can be cleared.  If your assigned lot has not been plowed when reporting to work, please proceed to the priority lots.

Snow Priority Parking Lots PDF

In a snow event, the following priority parking lots will be cleared first:

  • Shuttle Lot E14 (South Campus) West of State Farm Center, south end only. 
  • Lot B4, Levels Four and Five (North Campus) –Parking deck at the corner of University Avenue and Mathews Avenue.
  • Lot F27 (South Campus) - Adjacent to Veterinary Medicine Basic Sciences Building.
  • Parking Decks – Entrances to the decks will be cleared after the priority lots have been plowed; ramps will be sanded, but the top levels will be barricaded and unavailable. Parking customers may also use the decks when no space is available within the priority lots.

Note: Vehicles parked in priority lots (E14, B4, and F27) with a valid virtual permit for other rental facilities will not be cited for violations during a snow event; however, enforcement will continue for violations such as parking in disabled spaces, yellow zones, or blocking driveways.

Typically, an initial clearing pass is made of all 90 miles of campus sidewalk by 8 a.m. Variable winter weather conditions can significantly impact locations across campus, forming persistent snow/ice in some areas and impeding the ability of the F&S Grounds department to maintain sidewalk and bicycle pathways cleared from edge-to-edge. University Housing and the Division of Intercollegiate Athletics perform some snow removal at campus residence halls and athletic facilities.

Bike Parking:
F&S recognizes that several campus community members are year-round cyclists, enjoying our Bicycle Friendly University.  After priority areas are cleared as described above, staff work to clear approximately 430 bike parking areas in the core campus.  Additional bicycling information can be found at

Before winter weather events, F&S Grounds and Transportation crews will apply brine to streets, parking lots, and sidewalks to assist with melting snow and ice. This de-icing solution is an economical and effective way to pretreat large areas of campus without harming the landscape.

Current university reserves are sufficient for a winter with typical snowfall and will allow for regular application. 

Extreme Conditions:
At any time, winter weather conditions may become so unusual or unexpected that F&S staff, in consultation with campus administration, may briefly order a departure from general snow removal procedures.

Brine Applications
Brine is used on campus as part of winter weather preparations. This pretreatment of de-icing liquid to 
sidewalks, streets, and parking lots helps facilitate the snow removal process.