Walking Clubs/Events

Ridgewalkers Walking Club

The Ridgewalkers Walking Club is our area chapter of the American Volksport Association (www.ava.org). There are also a number of running clubs which incorporate walks associated with their runs. If you have not participated in a 5K run or marathon, you can start the process by joining the walkers.

Second Wind Running Club

Second Wind Running Club was formed in 1983 to promote running activities in the Champaign-Urbana area. Membership is open to people of all abilities interested in running, walking, and fitness.

Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon

The Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon course winds throughout Champaign-Urbana and the university campus. Marathon weekends feature a health expo and full and half marathon races, relay, 10K, 5K, youth runs, and a wheelchair half. More than 21,000 people participated in the 2013 events.

Traffic Closures for Walk/Run

For information on how to do a traffic closure for a Walk/Run, please read the Traffic Closure Process.