Noise and Hearing Conservation

Safety and Compliance assists employees and departments in measuring workplace noise exposure, provides guidance for the Hearing Conservation Program, and advises in the selection of hearing protection devices and engineering solutions. Please complete the form to make a request for a sound level survey if you believe there are high noise level operations or machines in your work area (e.g., hold your arm straight out and snap your finger, if you cannot hear the snap high noise levels may exist).

Appendix A - Unit-Specific Standard Operating Procedures
Appendix B - Definitions
Appendix C - Noise Dosimetry Form
Appendix D - Noise Dosimetry Results Form
Appendix E - Sound Level Survey Form
Appendix F - Noise Hazard Signage
Appendix G - Hearing Protector Information
Appendix H - Program Audit Checklist

Useful Resources:
OSHA 1910.95 Occupational Noise Exposure

OSHA 1926.52 Occupational Noise Exposure

NIOSH Noise and Hearing Loss Prevention

Speech & Hearing Clinic, College of Applied Health Sciences