Car Pool

COVID-19 Operational Update (August 24, 2020): All U of I students, faculty, and staff are required to show their "Status Card" through the Safer Illinois app before entering buildings on campus. The same requirements are in place for renting a vehicle at the Car Pool: customers are required to show their status before they get their rental vehicle. Drivers are responsible for also checking the status of all other passengers.

Managing more than 5,500 rentals a year, Transportation & Automotive Services (TAS) provides fast and convenient full-service car rental in-person and online. Whether you need a vehicle for one or two days or on a more permanent basis, we have something for you..

Great Vehicle Selection

  • More than 200 vehicles available.

Convenient Online Reservations

  • Reservations can be made 24/7 through my.FS.Portal using a university CFOP account number.

Competitive Prices

Sustainable Options

  • Compact sedans include the Toyota Prius, Ford C-Max, and Chevrolet Volt. Chevy Volts will travel up to 40 miles on electricity and more than 300 miles on a full tank of gas. No training is required -- just get in and go!
  • The Ford Fusion is available for customers needing a full-size sedan.

GPS is a free service to our customers. Just request a GPS when you pick up your vehicle. Limited quantities are issued on a first come, first served basis at the time of vehicle pickup. All Car Pool vehicles may also use the I-Pass tollway lanes at no additional cost.


The regular vehicle fueling station at Garage and Car Pool (1701 S. Oak Street) will reopen on Saturday, May 1. Both unleaded and diesel fuel will be available for university fleet and departmental vehicles. Due to ongoing improvement work around the facility, please use the entrance from off of Oak Street to access the station during regular business hours.


Monday–Friday (6:30 a.m.–9 p.m.)
Saturday–Sunday (6 a.m.–1 p.m.) 

F&S appreciates your patience and cooperation during the use of auxiliary tanks and alternate traffic patterns over the last two months. Significant upgrades were made to the piping of the underground fuel storage tanks during that period. For questions or assistance, contact Shawn Patterson, 217-333-3912. 

  • Compact Sedans

  • Sedans

  • Mid-Size Vans

  • SUVs

  • 15-Seat Van

  • Work Trucks