Bins & Containers

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*Contact or call 333-4336 to request a recycling tote or discuss a landfill pan or receptacle.

Small Paper Tote
Personal Paper Tote: For desk use, to be emptied into medium and larger paper recycling totes by the employee in their work area.
Medium Paper Tote  Medium Paper Tote: For placement in general areas, this tote is delivered by Waste Management & Recycling personnel and emptied by Building Service Workers (BSWs).
 Large Paper Tote

Large Paper Tote: For larger clean outs in general areas, this receptacle is offered in secure or standard versions. These bins are emptied by Waste Management & Recycling staff on a “call in’’ or regularly scheduled basis, and are picked up by a rear load recycle truck.

Cans and Bottles Tote 

Cans and Bottles Tote: For general areas, these totes are delivered by Waste Management & Recycling staff and collected by BSWs.

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Swing Pan 1
Swing Pan 2

Swing Pan: For small to medium size projects, these pans are rear-loaded, and range in size from 4-8 cubic yards or 1-3 pickup truck loads, and are offered in high or low-back options. This receptacle works well for hard to reach areas and areas with limited space. These pans are delivered and serviced by Transportation & Automotive Services.

Front Load Pan

Front Load Pan: For use with special events, this pan is picked up with a large front-end loading truck. Sizes range from 2-4 yards and are intended for general use trash. These pans are not intended for construction debris. Please call to inquire about larger load pan options.

Roll-Off Pan 1
Roll-Off Pan 2

Roll-Off Pan: For medium to large projects, these receptacles are rear-loaded and are offered in 20-30 yard size options or around 7-9 pickup truck loads. These pans require a large footprint, so substantial space is required for placement. Please call before starting project work to check availability.