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Boneyard Creek Community Day

Mar 07, 2023 | 1:55 pm

F&S is a proud cosponsor of Boneyard Creek Community Day (BCCD).

F&S and City of Champaign tents at Boneyard Creek Community Day

F&S is a proud cosponsor of Boneyard Creek Community Day (BCCD). The 2023 edition was on Saturday, April 22. The event began at Scott Park (207 E. Springfield Avenue, Champaign) and included lunch, music, and educational displays following the cleanup.

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Why is the event needed?
BCCD is a way to celebrate and protect lakes and streams in Champaign County by engaging volunteers to pitch in and clean. Litter looks bad; it clogs storm drains, causing local flooding; and it ends up in receiving streams, harming aquatic life. This event helps remind us to be responsible citizens and put trash in its place.

What should I wear?
Dress to work outside and make sure your attire does not include open-toed shoes. Some projects may involve getting into the creek. Participants taking on those tasks should wear waterproof boots. Please bring a refillable water bottle and wear your orange Boneyard shirt from a previous year if you already have one.
For more information about potential weather-related delays/postponement from social media accounts from either the Champaign Park District or Facilities & Services.