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F&S Water Quality Report

Water Quality services are organized around two program areas: Water Pollution Control and Public Water Supply. Program requirements in these three areas are intended to ensure that Illinois waterways will not be impaired for all the uses for which they are designated including protection of aquatic life, recreation and drinking water supplies.

Water Quality Reports from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign provide information about the source of campus drinking water, contaminant testing, general health precautions, and how calendar year sample results compared to regulatory requirements.

To see the most current Water Quality Report, visit: or see below.

Public Water Supply

All potable water on the university campus is provided by Illinois American Water Corporation.

Constructing a water main?

Are you a project manager constructing a potable water main on campus? If so, you must apply for a construction and operating permit through Environmental Compliance. The Public Water Supply Permitting Process will show you how to get started.

IEPA Drinking Water Supply Construction Permit Application


Public Water Supply Permitting Process

IEPA Drinking Water Supply –
Construction Permit Application

IEPA Drinking Water Supply –
Schedule A

IEPA Drinking Water Supply –
Schedule B

IEPA Drinking Water Supply –
Operating Permit Application

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Water Station

The water station operates the water distribution system, including water processing equipment. They are also responsible for pest control.

Water Station flushing a hydrant.

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