About Us

Welcome to Facilities & Services at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

F&S’ diverse workforce and inclusive workplace consists of dedicated, experienced, and skilled professionals who take pride in helping the university achieve excellence through our many services. Fostering collaboration across campus with faculty, students, and staff and maximizing the impact of programs and services is vital in supporting the mission of the university. F&S’ team of talented and dedicated employees plan, build, maintain, and serve the campus while exhibiting our team’s core values of Trust, Respect, Accountability, Integrity, Teamwork, Safety, and Perseverance, in all aspects of their work.

F&S’ vision is to be a responsive, reliable, and highly valued service provider and you are an important part of helping F&S be at its very best. We aim at providing you with an environment that is conducive to learning and to also be an active partner in collaborative research efforts. The information and feedback provided by colleges, institutes, departments, and units are critical in determining how we concentrate our efforts and will inform our strategy for how to deliver services in alignment with the university’s strategic plan.

Thank you for making F&S your provider of choice and allowing us to bring greater value to you in an efficient and cost-effective manner. We always welcome and appreciate your comments to help us serve you better.

F&S Mission, Vision, Values, and Guiding Principles

F&S provides all physical plant, operational, and essential services for sustaining an environment that fosters the research, teaching, and public engagement activities of the university. The organization employs more than 1,000 dedicated persons serving in both Civil Service and Academic Professional positions. The F&S goal is to support the university’s education, research, and outreach missions by improving the physical condition of the facilities and grounds, reducing energy consumption through education and use of alternative fuel sources, and increasing customer satisfaction by providing quality services in a responsive, reliable, and customer-focused manner.

Facilities & Services provides and maintains a physical environment that is conducive to supporting learning, discovery, engagement, and economic development at the University of Illinois and is an active partner in research, teaching and learning.

We will be a responsive, reliable, and highly valued service provider.

Trust: We will believe in the best of everyone and treat others as we would like to be treated. 
 We will value our employees and foster a work environment that promotes respect, dignity, and the worth of each individual. 
Accountability: We will be accountable for our actions and good stewards of our resources.
Integrity: We will be honest, do what is right, and keep our promises.
Teamwork: We will work together to achieve common goals.
Safety: We will work to ensure the health and welfare of our employees, customers, and the community.
Perseverance: We will personally demonstrate dedication, tenacity, and endurance in accomplishing our work for the university.

Customer Focus: We will develop relationships with our customers built on trust, confidence, and reliability.
: We will have a diverse workforce in an inclusive workplace that unleashes the talents of all employees to create value, deliver superior support, and develop innovative solutions for the customers we serve. We will treat our co-workers and customers in a manner that encourages and strengthens an environment of inclusivity.
Environmental Stewardship
: We will demonstrate a commitment to health and sustainability in our stewardship of the campus environment.
: We will continuously strive to create new and innovative solutions that bring greater value to the customers we serve.
Operational Excellence: We will empower our employees to deliver the greatest value to our customers in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Service Contacts

To Initiate Work
Service Office
 – First point of contact for work orders and submitting service requests:
Service Office
 – Online at, for urgent requests or questions call 217-333-0340.

For Service Requests in Progress
Building Maintenance –
 Maintenance planners will provide a status update and can follow up with shop supervisory staff:
Building Maintenance & Grounds Planning Group, 217-300-5859.

Construction Services – For construction project and contractor services information:
Contractor Services,

Temperature Control – The Energy Management Control Center will answer questions regarding hot/cold issues:
Energy Command, 217-244-3783.

For General Customer Questions and Feedback
Customer Relations & Communications – 
For customer feedback and comments as well as graphic design support, call 217-333-9218. For media and campus relations, call 217-300-2155. Or email Customer Relations & Communications at

Featured Providers

Service Office

The Service Office processes service requests, outages, and utility locates for the campus. The Service Office receives more than 190 work requests per day and averages 10 outage requests and 15 locates per day.

Service Office photo