Maintenance + Construction

Materials Cleanup/Removal

F&S supports site cleanup and materials removal in a variety of ways

Contact Information

Who is responsible for this service?

F&S Responsibility

Hazardous materials removal an general cleanup in state-supported facilities

Department Responsibility

Remodeling projects and work in departmental locations

The Division of Responsibility (DoR) guidelines, and if necessary, the specific DoR for the facility, will determine the financial responsibility for the operation and maintenance of university buildings and assets.


Which provider will perform this work?


Support services for numerous crafts and trades including plumbers, electricians, carpenters, cement
finishers, and brickmasons. These support services include:

  • Excavation
  • Removal of concrete and site preparation
  • Demolition of buildings
  • Cleanup during remodeling projects
  • Installation of new manholes, storm lines, and sanitary lines
  • Hauling of new furniture

Additional services include:

  • Abate asbestos
  • Cleanup and remove hazardous waste
  • Maintain storm and sanitary sewer


Removal of heavy items


Gather required documentation to submit a request.

  • Building name/number
  • Room numbers and a description of the general area
  • Type of support desired

Submit Request in the my.FS Portal

Log in to the my.FS Portal to make a service request. Requests for new user account access can be made by completing the Request of User Account form.


What to expect next

An initial email indicating the assigned shop(s) and an anticipated start date:

  • An initial email indicating the assigned shop(s) and an anticipated start date
  • A follow-up email, call, or in-person visit upon arrival
  • A confirmation email when the work is underway and when time is being charged
  • An email, call, or in-person visit when the work is completed
  • A final communication when the service request is closed, including a feedback link