Building Service Workers

Building service workers (BSWs) work around the clock in four major shifts to keep campus buildings clean.

BSW putting in trash can liner.


• Clean restrooms and educational, research, private and public areas
• Empty trash and recycling containers
• Mop floors (dust mop and damp mop spots when time allows)
• Restock soap and towel dispensers
• Erase chalkboards and replenishing chalk
• Dust wood trim, window ledges, baseboards, radiators, and conduits
• Clean university installed and approved carpeting
• Lock and unlock doors

Building Service Workers (BSWs) arrange chairs in uniform rows, close and lock all windows, and turn off all lights in unoccupied classrooms. They wash building entrance windows and doors, vacuum entrance mats, and remove snow from steps and walkways leading to buildings. They also perform special services such as emergency clean-ups in the event of flooding or plumbing leaks. The movers in this group help move items including furniture, file cabinets, books, lab equipment, and supplies.

Once Per Week

  • Labs
  • Private Offices
  • Administrative Offices Reception Areas

Three Times Per Week

  • Classrooms
  • Lounges, Conference Rooms, Kitchens
  • Stairways
  • Water Fountains (upper floors)
  • Restrooms (upper floors)

Five Times Per Week

  • Entrances & Hallways
  • Vending Areas
  • Elevators
  • Water Fountains (1st floor)
  • Restrooms (1st floor)

Twice Monthly

  • Vacuuming (university installed and approved carpeting vacuumed wall-to-wall)

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