Project Submittal Process

Project submittal requirements and guides

Construction Submittals (“Shop Drawings”)
Facilities Standards, Exhibit 01 33 23 – 01
O&M Submittal Guide PDF
Contract Documents – Drawings & Project Manual
Project Submittal Requirements PDF
Required Phases & Minimum List of Deliverables
Capital Project Submittal Guide PDF

Review Periods Overview

Shop Drawings = F&S is 5 days; Professional Services Consultant (PSC) is 10 days (concurrently)
Contract Drawings & Project Manuals = Design (Conceptualization through 100%) is 10 days; Bid is 5 days; Addenda are 3 days, typically
Feasibility Studies = 10 days

Email Addresses Overview
Internal F&S processes shown are gray.

Project planning, design, bid, closeout

Receipt & Review – FandS Submittal Review –

Receives: Planning, design, construction and closeout documents (record contract documents, including drawings, project manuals, approved O&Ms, approval final set of shop drawings, etc.).
Sends: Notifications of received submittals to designated reviewers.

Comments – FandS Design Review Project Comments – 
Receives: Designated reviewer comments.
Sends: Collated reviewer comments to the F&S Capital Project Manager (who forwards to the PSC).
Receives: PSC responses to F&S collated comments.
Sends: PSC responses to designated reviewers.

Project construction

Receipt & Review – FandS Shop Drawing Review – 
Receives: Contractor construction submittals (received concurrently when sent to PSC).
Sends: Notifications of received contractor construction submittals to designated reviewers.
Receives: copy of PSC and F&S combined shop drawing comments sent to the contractor (for F&S files).

Comments – FandS EQA Comments –
Receives: Designated reviewer comments (for Contractor construction submittals).
Sends: Forwards designated reviewer comments to PSC.


Q1: Are we using paper anymore?
A1: Record drawings are required in full size paper sets.  Elevator manuals and drawings are also required in paper (see Facility Standards, Division 14 – Conveying Equipment).  F&S Capital Project Managers and Campus Clients may also request paper copies based on their own needs.

Q2: What version of AutoCAD is being accepted now?  Why are we never using the most recent version?
A2: 2019 or earlier, necessary because the files need to be compatible with software F&S uses to track data. Updates to these data tracking systems need to be tested and bugs worked out before the next version is considered ready to use, making the AutoCAD version we can use slightly behind the most recent versions available.

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