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Diverse Internship Program — Student Job Opportunities

Mar 22, 2024 | 2:53 pm

Applications for new positions in F&S departments and divisions are due April 5.

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Since 2019, the F&S Diverse Internship Program has provided extensive opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students from underrepresented groups to explore future employment in the facilities management and utilities industries.

As the caretaker for the physical environment, F&S departments and shops serve as a vital component to the success of the university and offer career development in various operational aspects. The organization strives to advance diversity and inclusion by fostering a respectful and welcoming workplace where all employees’ knowledge, backgrounds, and efforts are valued and supported, all while delivering exceptional customer service, value, and innovative solutions to stakeholders.

Students participating in the program will receive hands-on experiential learning by working directly with talented and dedicated staff in areas of interest or current study. Previous internships have included positions in the following fields:

  • Capital project delivery
  • Customer relations and communications
  • Engineering
  • Environmental compliance
  • Facilities administration
  • Facilities information resources
  • Financial reporting
  • Information technology and data science
  • Sustainability
  • Utilities and energy management
  • Workplace safety

Interested students are encouraged to submit a cover letter and resume for jobs that best match their scholarship. Position descriptions are available at deadline to apply is Friday, April 5, 2024. Questions should be directed to Human Resources Associate Syed Arshad, 217-244-4698.

Your assistance in promoting these part- and full-time positions within your units is greatly appreciated. The Diverse Internship Program is one of F&S’ ongoing strategic initiatives to engage the campus community, offer real-world training, and help establish a foundation and pathway for the next generation of the workforce to contribute to academic and research excellence at the university.