Stores & Receiving

Stores & Receiving provides the campus with quality products and services, competitive pricing, and timely delivery in a professional manner.

Stores & Receiving inventory


Through iStores, departments are able to purchase at competitive prices:

  • Copy paper
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Materials and equipment for maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO)
  • Restaurant supplies

Ordering these products is easy. Simply login to iStores with a university using your NetID and password. To place an order, your unit/department must have a C-FOAPAL and approver designated in iStores. If you would like to become a new approver or make other changes to authorization information, please complete the  iStores Signature Authorization Form.

The University of Illinois System’s online marketplace for purchasing goods and services is at iBuy provides vendor calatog and commodity-specific search selections for a user-friendly shopping experience.

Stock Items and Pricing

    The following listings are provided as a quick reference to find recent pricing for categories of stock items.

Stores & Receiving Pickups (located in the Central Receiving Building)

Stores & Receiving is responsible for pickups and deliveries to all areas of the campus. In addition to delivering orders placed through iStores, the department also runs the centralized receiving site for orders placed by any department. Freight companies, unable to deliver to a street address, deliver packages to the Central Receiving Building (1609 S. Oak Street, Champaign), open 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.,  where F&S staff deliver the items to the specific room or lab. This process also supports campus sustainable transportation and pedestrian safety initiatives by reducing the amount of truck traffic navigating the main sections of the campus.

Receiving offers a parcel pick-up/delivery service for the campus. The basic service covers orders ranging in size from a single box to a pallet. The cost of this service is $40. Orders larger than one pallet or that have special time-sensitive delivery needs may incur additional charges. For receiving assistance, 217-333-9628.