Barricades and barriers are placed on campus to support special events and establish work perimiters for construction projects, maintenance activities, or approved closures.

Contact Information

Who is responsible for this service?

F&S Responsibility

Barricades or barriers needed to support general maintenance activities, capital or small construction projects, or approved closures

Department Responsibility

Barricades or barriers needed for special event support and departmental projects or initiatives



Which provider will perform this work?

Public Functions

Provide special event infrastructure support for campus departments and registered student organizations, including arrange delivery, set-up, and take down of everything from tables and chairs to podiums and public address systems



Gather required documentation to submit a request.

  • Building name/number
  • Description of the general area
  • Reason for barricades and expected usage (e.g., crowd control, site safety, etc.)


  • Report missing or found barricades to the F&S Service Office, 217-333-0340
  • Direct barricade or barrier requests for projects to the project manager or coordinator
  • If needed for event support, please indicate Public Functions as a part of the service request in the my.FS Portal
  • Questions regarding available fixtures and equipment should be directed to Public Functions, 217-300-6650.

Submit Request in the my.FS Portal

Log in to the my.FS Portal to make a service request. Requests for new user account access can be made by completing the Request of User Account form.


What to expect next

An initial email indicating the assigned shop(s) and an anticipated start date:

  • An initial email indicating the assigned shop(s) and an anticipated start date
  • A follow-up email, call, or in-person visit upon arrival
  • A confirmation email when the work is underway and when time is being charged
  • An email, call, or in-person visit when the work is completed
  • A final communication when the service request is closed, including a feedback link