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F&S performs various landscape services.

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F&S Responsibility

Related maintenance activities for state-supported buildings

Department Responsibility

Service requests in departmental or unit spaces are typically the responsibility of the requesting department


Which provider will perform this work?

Grounds Workers

  • Trimming and removal of trees
  • Lawn mowing and repairs
  • String trimming and selective weed control
  • Litter removal
  • Trim shrubs and shear hedges
  • Maintain flower beds, containers, and urns
  • Prune, remove, chip, and replace trees
  • Apply wood chip mulch to plant beds
  • Remove snow and ice from sidewalks
  • Repairs and maintenance of  in-ground sprinkler systems
  • Leaf removal, including collection in stairwells
  • Surface drain stoppages
  • Outdoor building signage maintenance

    Spring (March-May)

    •  Sanitation
    •  Garbage route
    •  Possibly starting on repairing lawn damage due to snow/ice removal
    •  Cut back ornamental grasses and perennials
    •  Pre-emerge fertilizer and pre-emerge in perennial beds
    •  Mow the Low Mow Zones
    •  Remove cabs from the mowers
    •  Lawn repairs
    •  Weed control
    •  Bed edging
    •  Chipping
    •  Fertilizing
    •  Mowing
    •  Commencement prep
    •  Install pansies (early annuals)
    •  Turn on irrigation systems
    •  Edging walks
    •  Overseeding
    •  Aeration tree/shrub planting
    •  Move-out cleanup

    Summer (May-August)

    •  Sanitation
    •  Garbage route
    •  Commencement
    •  Prep mowing
    •  Weed control
    •  Turn on irrigation systems
    •  Edging walks
    •  Fertilizing
    •  Overseeding
    •  Aeration tree/shrub planting
    •  Annual flower planting
    •  Move-out cleanup
    •  After Commencement annual planting
    •  Watering up to 2-3 year old trees/shrubs
    •  Watering annuals
    •  Project work
    •  If needed, mow the Low Mow Zones
    •  Watering
    •  Edging
    •  Chipping
    •  Move-in prep
    •  Shear hedge
    •  Grub scouting
    •  Fall flower planting

    Fall (September-November)

    •  Sanitation
    •  Garbage route
    •  Mowing
    •  Weed control
    •  Watering
    •  Overseeding
    •  Lawn renovations
    •  Fertilizing
    •  Leaf removal
    •  Prep leaf equipment
    •  Weed control on irrigated lawns
    •  Tree/shrub planting
    •  Deep root feeding on 2-3 year old trees and stressed trees
    •  Go through snow//ice removal equipment
    •  Winterize fertilization
    •  Sod installs
    •  Put cabs on mowers
    •  Start hand pruning
    •  Cut perennials

    Winter (December-February)

    •  Sanitation
    •  Garbage Route
    •  Snow Removal
    •  Leaf Removal
    •  Hand Pruning
    •  Cut perennials
    •  Shrub rejuvenation
    •  Leaf removal
    •  Chipping


    •  Tree pruning and removals
    •  Pothole patching

Gather required documentation to submit a request.

  • Building name/number
  • Room numbers and a description of the general area
  • Type of repair, replacement, or upgrade desired

Submit Request in the my.FS Portal

Log in to the my.FS Portal to make a service request. Requests for new user account access can be made by completing the Request of User Account form.


What to expect next

An initial email indicating the assigned shop(s) and an anticipated start date:

  • An initial email indicating the assigned shop(s) and an anticipated start date
  • A follow-up email, call, or in-person visit upon arrival
  • A confirmation email when the work is underway and when time is being charged
  • An email, call, or in-person visit when the work is completed
  • A final communication when the service request is closed, including a feedback link

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