Maintenance + Construction

Locks/Keys/Card Access

Locks and hardware are maintained and repaired by F&S, including electronic card access systems.

Contact Information

Who is responsible for this service?

F&S Responsibility

  • Exterior and interior door closures, knobs, and stops in general locations

Department Responsibility

  • Physical keys or copies of keys
  • Installation and repair of card access doors, doorbells
  • Closures, knobs, and stops in departmental locations
  • Combination locks
  • Latches on display cabinets, desks, cabinets, or sliding windows

The Division of Responsibility (DoR) guidelines, and if necessary, the specific DoR for the facility, will determine the financial responsibility for the operation and maintenance of university buildings and assets.


Which provider will perform this work?

Card Access

Works on several different access control systems—primarily using the campus i-card as the de facto key—making it easier to determine who is allowed to enter a secured area and when they can access the space


Maintain, repair, and rekey locks on campus


Perform full-service carpentry work on doors, windows, walls, floors, and ceilings


Service the complete electrical needs of campus, performing maintenance, installation, and repair work, and managing campus electrical systems and distribution


Gather required documentation to submit a request.

  • Building name/number
  • Room numbers and a description of the general area
  • Type of repair, replacement, or upgrade desired (physical key or card access)

Submit Request in the my.FS Portal

Log in to the my.FS Portal to make a service request. Requests for new user account access can be made by completing the Request of User Account form.


What to expect next

An initial email indicating the assigned shop(s) and an anticipated start date:

  • An initial email indicating the assigned shop(s) and an anticipated start date
  • A follow-up email, call, or in-person visit upon arrival
  • A confirmation email when the work is underway and when time is being charged
  • An email, call, or in-person visit when the work is completed
  • A final communication when the service request is closed, including a feedback link

More Information

Key Request Form
The Key Request form needs to be filled out by a department authorized key requester. The requester will then submit a service request for the keys and attach the form.

Department Key Authorization Forms
Use this form to submit name of person in the department authorized to request keys. The Department Key Authorization form must be signed by the department head or dean. The form should be submitted to the F&S Service Office in electronic format.

Mechanical Room Key Requests
Access to mechanical rooms is restricted to authorized personnel. A Mechanical Room Key Certification form must be signed by the requesting unit’s dean or department head and submitted to the Director of Building Maintenance & Grounds who will either approve or deny the request. Approved requests will be sent to the F&S Locksmith Shop who will assign and provide keying. Denied requests will be returned to the requesting department.

Mechanical room key request process include the following:

All requests for mechanical space keys must be made through the F&S Locksmith Shop.
The F&S Locksmith Shop will send requestor a Mechanical Room Key Certification form.
Requestor must fill out the certification form completely and submit to the Director of Maintenance or the Director of Operations, Maintenance & Alterations for approval.
The form will be returned to requestor either approved or denied.
If approved, requestor must scan and submit certification form along with a key request form through the my.FS Portal for processing.
Requestor will be notified when keys are ready for pick up.
Keys may only be picked up by key holder.
The key holder’s I-card will be scanned into the F&S database and keys issued.

Wireless Card Access
The Locksmith Shop administers the campus wireless card access system. It utilizes battery powered door hardware which is programmed via a wireless network similar to–but separate from–the campus WiFi network. Each lock retains its own memory, so will operate independently regardless of power outages or network interruptions. A variety of locks are available to accommodate most new and existing doors on campus. Hardware is available for both magnetic stripe I-Cards and the dual technology proximity cards. Since each door utilizes wireless technology, installation costs are typically lower than other systems. Multiple doors may be connected to a single wireless node, as long as they are within wireless range. Installation and programming are managed by the Locksmith Shop.

Card Access
An electronic access control system using your university-issued I-Card is available through Systems & Controls. Call 217-300-5432 or email for more information.