Injury Management and Reporting

The Campus Instructional Facility, which opens for classes Fall 2021, will host classes from throughout the College of Engineering and campus, with a special emphasis on active-learning spaces, distance-learning environments, and cutting-edge innovation technology. The building will also serve as a testbed for entrepreneurship and student engagement while it frees up existing classroom space for new research labs. As a partner in CIF, Grainger Engineering will use the facility and specialized spaces to support programs like Engineering City Scholars, Professional Masters Programs in Engineering, and The Academy for Excellence in Engineering Education, among others.

The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign is committed to creating, promoting, and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for faculty, staff, and student employees. When workplace injuries do occur despite prevention efforts, it is important to minimize the impact and cost to the injured worker, the sponsoring department, and the university. Information on reporting an employee injury can be found on the Workers’ Compensation Reporting Procedures and Responsibilities webpage. For injury reporting, utilize the First Report of Injury/Illness form.  Follow the instructions on the form for proper completion and submission.  Contact the University Office of Worker’s Compensation and Claims Management at or 217-333-1080 with questions.

In the event of a fatality, in-patient hospitalization, amputation, or physical loss of an eye, the following information shall be immediately communicated to the the Safety & Compliance via phone at 217-255-2106:

  1. Building name and address where incident took place;
  2. Date and time of incident;
  3. Date and time of notification to campus official;
  4. Number of fatalities or hospitalized employees;
  5. Name and contact number of person making the report; and
  6. Brief description of the incident.

Illinois OSHA Injury Reporting Requirements

The university is required to report certain significant injuries to the Illinois Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OHSA) immediately upon discovery. The F&S Safety and Compliance division has established a procedure to ensure that the university meets its reporting requirements. 

Please print and display this poster in your facility, which provides the steps for proper reporting procedures. The document should be placed where other information important to employees, such as mandatory federal and state workplace regulations, is displayed.

Thanks for your assistance with distributing this information across campus.

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