Service Rates

An internal audit conducted by the Office of University Audits led to the establishment of the F&S Rate Review Committee, a group formed by the Office of the Provost with representatives from multiple campus units. F&S service rates are calculated using a methodology that was reviewed by the committee. Rates are recalculated at a minimum biennially and adjusted periodically to incorporate prevailing wage changes.

Remaining F&S service rates will not be affected until the recalculations are complete and approved by the Office of the Provost.

For questions, contact the F&S Service Office, 217-333-0340.

F&S Billable Hourly Rate Summary – Recalculated 
Shop Number  Salary Grade      Shop Name                                            Billable Hourly Rate
 0101 Laborer Electricians $43.04
 0261 Carpenters $52.62
 0362 Electricians $69.40
 0465 Plumbers $70.75
 0566 Painters $51.26
 0669 Sheetmetal $61.82
 0770 Laborers $51.32
 0808 Machinists $105.97
1073 Brickmasons $55.09
2374 Pipefitters $69.17
2424 Steam Distribution $47.87
2626 Water Station $40.78
2929 Locksmiths $60.56
3177 Mill Shop $54.59
3333 Elevator Mechanics $87.23
3434 Roofers $51.16
3581 Refrigeration Mechanics $72.32
3737 Operating Engineers $76.33
4983 Cement Finishers $59.66
5084 Iron Workers $58.75
5252 Insulators $60.21
BW BW  Building Service Workers$31.09
2525 High Voltage Electricians$64.84 
4141 Temperature Control$89.10 
5555 Direct Digital Control$88.42
COCO Construction Services Support$67.70 
ER ER  Retrocomissioning Staff (ER)$105.92 
 PMPM  EMS Preventive Maintenance (PM)$71.16 
SJ SJ  Systems and Controls Staff (SJ) $101.99
OCOCOccupational Safety & Health Staff (OC)$49.43
CO-1CO-1Construction Project Coordinator / Project Specialist$70.34
CO-2CO-2Construction Admin$43.21
CO-SCCO-SCConstruction Small Construction$77.37
CO-SUPCO-SUPConstruction Superintendent$101.24

F&S Billable Hourly Rate Summary – Calculation Pending

Shop Number  Salary Grade     Shop Name                                            Billable Hourly Rate 
1212 Grounds$36.93
CHCH Chilled Water Production & Distribution$51.13
G1G1 Garage Attendants$50.22
G2G2 Garage Mechanics$83.78
UEUE Utilities Electricians$48.07
OCOCOccupational Safety & Health Staff (OC)$49.43
UPUP Utilities Pipefitters $51.69


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Jenny Watkins, Director of Shared Administrative Services

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The division develops business processes and procedures, provides timely and accurate reporting on management information, and processes all user requests.

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